Girl, 3, WAKES UP at her funeral after doctors mistakenly said she died from dehydration

A three-year-old girl surprised her parents when she awoke during her funeral after physicians at a hospital in the central Mexican state of San Luis Potos told them she had died of dehydration.

Camila Martnez’s family is now accusing the staff at Salinas de Hidalgo Basic Community Hospital of carelessness.

When Mary Jane Mendoza and her husband took their child to a physician in the municipality of Villa de Ramos on August 17, the little girl complained of stomach discomfort, vomiting, and fever.

Martnez was sent to the hospital on the doctor’s instructions to be treated for dehydration. Mendoza stated that doctors at the institution used a cold cloth to cool her down and a pulse oximeter on one of her fingers to measure her oxygen level.

Martnez was released after an hour and given medicine. But, her health worsened later in the day, and she was visited by a doctor at a clinic, who gave her a new medication and advised her to eat non-sweet fruits and drink plenty of liquid.

Martnez continued to vomit everything she drank and ate while at home. She was then transferred to another doctor, who advised her parents to send her to the emergency department right away.

Martnez was admitted to the Salinas de Hidalgo Basic Community Hospital for the second time between 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. local time.

They wanted to offer her something (intravenous therapy). It took a long time to provide her oxygen, Mendoza recounted. They couldn’t put it on her as they couldn’t find her small veins, ultimately the nurse did.

After roughly 10 minutes, the IV was withdrawn. She recalls picking up Martnez from the hospital bed and how she was still clutching her mom, they took her away and told the mom, ‘You have to let her rest in peace.’

Mendoza was imprisoned in a room but was able to escape but was unable to enter the room where Martnez was being observed and died as a result.

On August 18, friends and family were gathering over her small coffin when somebody noticed the glass pane fogged up.

Martinez’s maternal grandmother saw that her eyes were moving and that she had a pulse, indicating that she was alive.

She was brought to Salinas de Hidalgo Basic Community Hospital by ambulance, where physicians treated her before ruling her dead from cerebral edema (brain swelling).

That was basically the end of her baby. They ‘re sad as her child was a really joyful person who got along with everybody and didn’t pick on anyone, Mendoza added. There are many individuals on the ranch who are rooting for them because she was loved.

Martnez died of dehydration, according to the first death certificate acquired by her bereaved parents, while the cause of death was listed as dehydration, cerebral edema, and metabolic failure on the second.

According to Mendoza, her kid was supposed to start kindergarten the next week.

All the mom desires is for justice to be served. She has no issue with the physicians who went to such lengths, the child’s mom remarked. All she wants is that the physicians, nurses, and directors be replaced so that this does not occur again.

The San Luis Potosi State Attorney General’s Office is now investigating the event.

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