I spent $70K on plastic surgery to look like a Ken doll — and I want more

A self-described “human Ken doll” has spent over $70,000 on cosmetic procedures to obtain his “fake” doll-like look — and he’s not finished.

After being encouraged by social media, David Kosir, 27, has gone under the knife numerous times in the last four years, undergoing a nose operation, new teeth, a hair transplant, and laser freckle removal.

He appreciated the plastic, false appearance, Kosir expressed. He is looking for a human, masculine Barbie doll appearance, like Ken – that would be his ideal style.

The Australian began his cosmetic surgery journey in 2019 when he experimented with filler.

He started with lip fillers, then cheek fillers, and finally jaw and chin fillers, he stated. He had no intentions at first, but he disliked his nose, so he always knew he wanted to get it done.

In May 2021, he had his first permanent treatment, a $9,000 rhinoplasty (nose job), performed at home in Melbourne.

Everything else has simply been discovering it, saying, he’ll give it a chance, and then doing it. It’s all really unplanned, he explained.

Kosir’s social media accounts were swamped with photographs of gorgeous individuals undergoing various cosmetic operations, which pushed him to keep going. Plastic surgery has been more popular in recent years, and experts have cautioned that social media and filters have played a significant part in this trend.

He was going through social media and thought, ‘These teeth are great, what are these?  What exactly are veneers and crowns?’ He looked into it and concluded, he should get it done, he explained.

He then paid $17,000 for veneers on his top teeth in July 2021, before flying to Turkey in May for a $5,000 pair of crowns on his bottom teeth.

Kosir realized he was harming his hair after bleaching and dying it consistently for two years, so he returned to Turkey, spending $9,000 on his hair transplant and airfare.

He’s also spent $700 on luxury facials every eight weeks and $2,000 on laser freckle removal every three months.

Kosir has spent a total of $68,539 on cosmetic operations in the previous three years.

He’s completely resolved to stop using filler, but he’s not through with his significant changes.

Kosir intends to travel to Turkey in February for an “intense” set of five face procedures costing $14,000. Kosir has booked a fox eye lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty (eyelid reduction), temple and cheek lift, and fat transfer to various places of his face to complete his phony facade.

He rationalized saying that it’s a lot of money, yet one has to spend it someplace, so why not do something that makes one happy? He  thinks it’s worthwhile.

He does not believe there’s much else he wants to do after his next round. He thinks it’ll give him a bit more of a permanent look, which is what he desires.  But never say never, he could discover something else he enjoys doing.

Kosir has already seen some “sagging” and “drooping” from the fillers after only three years, which he intends to remove and repair.

Since he is on the thin side, having injected something into his face makes the other sections of his face appear a little disproportionate, he remarked.

He believes that after the fat grafting, his face will seem more symmetrical while still retaining the prominent characteristics.  The surgery is intended to remedy this, as well as to give it all a lift and a sharper, exaggerated appearance.

In fact, Kosir’s face has altered so much that he no longer recognizes his pre-op look, which has left him with mixed emotions, but he has no qualms.

He always had pleasure going for a distinct look and gets tired easily, which is why he used to colour his hair so frequently.

He enjoys modifying his appearance and is aware that his new “attention-grabbing, out-there style” is not natural, but it is precisely what he desired.

He doesn’t believe he appears that insane, yet supposed individuals do since he receives so many nasty remarks, he explained. The first video he shared was only a small change of a few things he’d had done, and there were hundreds of comments asking, ‘what have you done?’

Kosir was taken aback by the deluge of hostile remarks he got on social media from individuals he doesn’t know, particularly since they contradicted what he heard from friends and relatives in person.

He has told folks in his life, ‘all these people believe he should reverse it, what do you think?’ They all say, ‘no, they think he looks better,’ he says.

It absolutely astounded him that individuals could be so hostile toward a complete stranger. He is content with his life, so that’s all that matters, and does not mind the spotlight, so it is what it is.

Despite the avalanche of harsh and cruel comments he receives online, he has received some encouragement from his fans and intends to continue documenting his transformations online in order to inspire others to do what makes them happy.

Kosir explained that do whatever one desires in life since there is only one life. If one wants to do something, who cares if he/she will be judged for it? One has to be satisfied with oneself and live one life.”

As long as one is doing it for oneself and not to please others, he says go for it.

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