Girl Asks If She’s Wrong For Trolling Snooping Stepmother.

Some parents simply can’t resist peeping into their teenagers’ bedrooms. Even if it is a complete invasion of privacy, some inquisitive parents just can’t help but want to know what their children are keeping from them. Read the story to know what happened between this step mom and step daughter and let us know what are your thoughts on this.

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It was my step sister’s idea.

My mum is in prison and my step mother believes I’m just like her and I’m a dangerous person and I’m up to no good. She always says there’s something wrong with me and has been trying to find an excuse to have me live with my grandparents ever since she’s been in my life. This is very obvious to me and my step sister but my dad doesn’t see it. We decided that instead of me trying to convince her that I’m a good person (I’ve tried and failed), we can mess with her a little.

She’s super nosy about me and always snoops around my room and stuff. She thinks I don’t know but she’s not good at it at all. So we decided to leave strange stuff for her to find. These are the things that we did:

We bought a box with a lock, put fake animal bones inside and locked it and hid the key somewhere else in my room knowing that she would find it.

We bought a fake pee powder that you add to water and it makes it look and smell like pee. I filled them up one every couple of days and left them under my bed. Then one day my step sister and I went and buried the bottles in our garden. Then a few days later my step sister told her mum that she saw me go out to the garden in the middle of the night and burry something in the garden. She found the bottles.

We got tiny plastic bags and filled them up with plaster to make it look like it’s drugs. I left them between my books.

We carved out an empty place in the middle a bible (that she insisted I have in my room, even though she’s not religious), like they do in the movies in prisons, and put in some of my step sister’s hair in there (she brought them back when she returned form the hairdresser). I placed the bible so that she notices there’s something wrong with it.

I bought fake blood, put them into two winy bottles, wrote my step sister and my dad’s name on them and left them inside an envelope without a mailing address but left them in my drawer for her to find, thinking I’m planning to mail these to someone.

That’s all. This was enough for her to bring all the evidence and present them to my dad and grandparents (dad’s parents) to prove that I’m dangerous and shouldn’t live there and her daughter is in danger here with me. My sister and I couldn’t hold our laughter so we confessed that we’ve been messing with her all along, grandparents found it very funny but she didn’t. And she said we humiliated her. We’re both grounded indefinitely. But Am I A Jerk  here for messing with the person who believes I’m dangerous for no reason?

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