Girl Backed For Moving Out With Boyfriend Leaving Siblings Behind While Parents Were On Vacation.

A tight and strong link with one’s family is something to be treasured because it is not something that everyone is blessed with. But not everyone experiences this blessing. For some a family is not blood related but the ones who would do anything to make you happy and who love you unconditionally. Read the story to know why this girl took the decision to move out while her parents were on holidays and do you think she took the right decision.

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I (F20) have three siblings who live at home. M22, M15, M12. My older brother does not work and does not go to school. My middle and youngest brothers are in Middle and High School. I have been taking care of them for about six years now. My parents both work.

I am the only one who cleans, and makes food, and takes care of the dogs. I have access to a car that I share with my brother, but he takes it to go see his friends and hook up with tinder randos. So I have had to bring home groceries on the bus, because oh yeah I also do the grocery shopping.

I have tried talking to my parents about it but they say that my brother is finding himself and the younger ones have to concentrate on school. I am in my third year of college and it is wrecking me.

My boyfriend (24) has talked to his parents and they are letting me move into the apartment over their garage, he will be paying the rent for the apartment. He lives at home rent free but he also graduated and has a great job, so we talked about it and it is fair. We are committed to each other but we are way too young to think about moving in together or getting married. I am not saying that this is too young for anyone else. We just know what we want in life and until I get my nursing degree and get a job we aren’t ready.

My parents went away this weekend for NASCAR in Vegas. It is their third vacation this year. I do not begrudge them their holidays, they both work hard, but I am tired of being an unpaid nanny/dog sitter.

So I grabbed my laptop, clothes, and a few other things that I have been gifted. I waited for my older brother to get home, And I left. I told him I was going out for milk but my boyfriend was waiting in the car around the corner. He started texting me about twenty minutes later saying he needed the car. I did not take the car. I left all the keys on the counter, even my house keys.

My grandparents pay for my education so there is literally nothing my parents can hold over me. I let him know I wasn’t coming back and I let my parents know after the last race that I had left him in charge of the younger kids and bailed.

They drove straight home instead of spending the night partying and driving home today. Everyone is mad at me for being so immature and thoughtless. I just don’t care anymore. I talked to my grandfather and he says that I am right and my brothers can look after themselves. My mom keeps calling and complaining that the house is a mess, I was only gone for 9 hours before they got home but my brothers are pigs.

My older brother says I am an a**hole because my parents are making him do everything that I used to do. I cannot find it in myself to give a sh*t. Am I A Jerk?

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