Girl Is Mocked For Her Ginger Hair In School, Gets Crowned As A Beauty Queen Yrs Later.

Jessica Gagen was an intelligent student who enjoyed attending elementary school until she advanced to the secondary level. Once her tormentors made fun of her ginger hair, she just wished to remain at home and grieve.

Gagen was the only girl in her class with ginger hair, and she could not remember ever seeing such hair on television. Her classmates found new ways to make fun of her every day, which eroded her confidence.

In addition to observing her classmates’ cruel behavior, the Lancashire, England, girl recalls being called names by them. She was so impacted by the bullying that she had to have lunch in the restroom.

Gagen was left alone whenever her professors asked the children to separate into groups since she had no friends.

Gagen said that she used to disregard what other pupils said about her, but the cruel remarks hurt her deeply. She would bottle up her emotions and weep at home every day after coming from school.

The adolescent wanted companionship, but no one enjoyed conversing with her. Gagen often wondered why she seemed so different. The little girl had no idea that she would become Miss England years later.

Posted by Jess Gagen on Monday, 2 September 2019

As an adolescent, Gagen often considered dying her hair due to the overwhelming social pressure. Nonetheless, she disregarded her concerns since her beauty was never an issue. It was those around her who desired her demise.

She soon understood she could not allow others to determine her value. Gagen learned to disregard what her peers said about her, which boosted her confidence.

By the conclusion of high school, she had developed a tight circle of supportive friends who did not make derogatory remarks about her hair color. She eventually graduated with outstanding marks and a newfound sense of confidence.

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The next phase of her life started when, at age 18, she secured modeling contracts. She traversed the globe to conquer catwalks and flaunted her ginger hair, which seemed unattainable to her some years before.

Gagen completed her schooling in addition to competing in fashion shows and beauty competitions; she is now pursuing a master’s degree in aeronautical engineering at Liverpool University.

Gagen competed for Miss England in 2021, but lost to Rehema Muthamia by a narrow margin. However, she was crowned Miss England on October 17, 2022. She said that she believed that if she won, she could inspire children who are harassed because of their appearance and hair color.

It had been 94 years since a redhead had won the crown, making Gagen’s achievement all the more remarkable. Gagen was really happy to represent ginger-haired people and serve as their inspiration.

Jessica Gagen (27) was crowned Miss England22 at a glittering ceremony at the Holiday Inn NEC Birmingham Airport last…

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Gagen further mentioned that the majority of females that participate in such beauty pageants have a message they want to spread. Gagen’s intention was to inspire women to pursue STEM fields, but she eventually discovered that she also represented redheads.

Gagen stated that it is not about winning a crown, as many people believe. It’s all about spreading one’s message. If they were tormented like her, she advised them to channel their grief into a superpower.

In addition to spreading positivity via her business, Gagen has collected over $7,300 for charity by running in costumes.

Gagen seeks to encourage bullied youngsters on the basis of their physical appearance. She encourages children to understand that there is always hope and that they should never quit.

Posted by Miss England Contest on Tuesday, 18 October 2022
The tale of Gagen is very motivational, and we wish she accomplishes all of her objectives. Share this with your relatives and friends. That may perhaps brighten their day.

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