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Unbeknownst To 89-Yr-Old Pizza Delivery Driver, He Was Being Recorded — Then Man Showed Up At His Door.

The 89-year-old Derlin Newey of Weber County was trying to make ends meet, so he started working as a delivery driver at a Papa John’s in Utah. The elderly guy accepted the employment in the expectation that it would assist him pay his debts. Unknown to him, a family filmed their encounters with the old guy, which resulted in his life being irrevocably altered.

Newey was recorded on video conversing with the Valdez family as he delivered pizzas to their home. Unbeknownst to him, Carlos Valdez and his wife, who just so occurred to be prominent social media content makers, were sharing those video online, and their audience rapidly grew charmed with Newey, his charity, and the amicable dialogue he had with the Valdez family.

The Valdez family, aware that the old guy was laboring to make ends meet, saw an opening and chose to grasp it. The 89-year-old would have no clue what they were up to until they arrived at the door of his mobile home, where he lives alone, with a surprise he never expected.

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After raising $12,000 for Newey via a fundraising campaign, the Valdez family made a surprise delivery to the pizza delivery man’s residence on a Tuesday afternoon. Obviously, the cash-strapped senior was taken aback when the emotional moment he received the enormous “tip” was also recorded on camera.

Derlin Newey worked around 30 hours per week at the Papa John’s in Roy, Utah, to make ends meet. The Valdez family, who met the old guy when he carried pizza to their house, did not appreciate this. A person of that age should not be working so much, Carlos Valdez stated, deciding to take action when the chance suddenly presented itself.

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Originally, the Valdez family ordered pizza on a regular basis and requested Newey as their deliveryman. Throughout these deliveries, Carlos Valdez documented his family’s encounters with the old guy as he stood at their front door and engaged them in pleasant conversation. Valdez then shared the video of the kind guy with his social media followers.

Newey was unaware that he was being videotaped or that viewers were falling in love with him, just as the Valdez family did, prompting the video to go viral in a matter of days. That is absurd. Everyone adores him, Valdez added. Upon seeing Newey’s popularity among their social media followers, the Valdez family determined there was another way they could utilize their social media fame for good.

Although many questioned why Newey was still working as he approached the age of 90, Valdez launched a successful Venmo fundraiser for the cash-strapped elderly gentleman. Valdez and his wife presented the $12,069 to the house of America’s favorite pizza delivery man. Donations from throughout the country helped Valdez raise the money over the course of several days.

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Newey anticipated that the Valdezes would present him a t-shirt with his famous slogan, “Hello, are you looking for some pizza? “, printed on it. He was correct about the T-shirt, but he had no clue he would also get a large sum of money. Vadez said as he handed Newey the substantial “tip” that they had jointly gathered a present for him, and he was here to give it.

In addition to the relatively substantial check, Newey also received a T-shirt with a cartoon representation of himself delivering pizzas. The act moved the elderly employee to tears. He said how can he ever express gratitude? When given the money, Derlin Newey cried.

The Valdez family could not be happier with the results of their efforts. They believe that Newey will be able to utilize the money to pay his bills and medical expenses, allowing him to work less.

Carlos Valdez expressed that it could not have gone any better. He needed it. He is simply happy they could assist him. Just like he does, one must treat individuals with compassion and respect. He stole their hearts, he said, referring to Derlin Newey. Certainly, this narrative tugs on the emotions. It’s amazing to see social media being utilized for good.

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