Girl Who Mistakenly Broke Stepmom’s Favourite Vase Was Sent To Grandma House Forever.

One of life’s greatest joys is the bond between a father and his daughter. A father-daughter relationship is exceptional and one-of-a-kind. However, some father-daughter do not have a good relationship and hardly talk to each other. In this story a daughter didn’t have a good relationship with her father. Read the whole story to know what occurred in their life.

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So when I (24f) was like eight, I broke a vase that was precious to my stepmom. I don’t think she ever liked me but she was like to my dad it’s me or it’s her. I thought for sure my dad would choose me cause I was so close to him but that night he told me I was going to grandma’s. I honestly didn’t believe it till I got there and he left and I guess that just changed something in me. He phoned every day and tried to see me every day too and at first I pretended to be happy but I wasn’t cause I wasn’t home. I know that I stopped pretending pretty fast and looking back I acted apathetic to him, like not angry or sad but just emotionless. I know sometimes I heard him complain to grandma about me acting so differently than before.

When I was nine, I told my mom I wanted to move in with her full time cause I just started hating phone calls and visits from my dad. Even though she had a tiny apartment she said yes. Honestly, I slept in the same bed as her till I moved in with my fiancee (don’t care though cause she’s my mama!) and it was better than having my own room and having to deal with him every day.

My mom and I have become super close and she enrolled me in after school stuff so I could avoid my dad. And contact just ended and I’m thankful for it cause I didn’t have to be there for him. Like, a few years ago, stepmom gave birth and there was a big celebration and I’m so happy I’m nowhere in sight and that I haven’t even seen the kid yet. I’d really only see him on birthdays or when he came to grandma’s home when I was there.

My fiancee had a low key proposal a week ago and I told my mom, my uncle (mom’s cousin) and my grandma. Now my grandma knows how little I talk to my dad and how out of the loop I keep him. So it was a surprise when I got a phone call from my dad inviting me to a family dinner so I could introduce my fiancee and meet my baby brother. I made up an excuse cause screw that. It was obviously grandma who told him and I got mad at her and ended up yelling at her. I got a text from my dad like an hour ago which chastised me for taking out my issues with him on grandma. As much as I hate to say it, he may be right about that.

What would you do in her situation? Any advice. Here are a few comments on the story where it was originally posted:

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