MIL Tried Scolding Me And Now Insists I Apologise To Her Son. Funniest Thing Ever Read.

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Okay my family/in-laws are pretty split about this whole thing so hubs suggested this place to see what outside people thought.

Yesterday was my sister’s engagement party (she’s marrying my husband’s cousin funny enough) and she asked to have the party at our house since we have a huge backyard and she just wanted something simple like a BBQ. I of course agreed and the start of the day went well. Everyone from both sides of the family mingled, the grill was going, people congratulated the soon-to-be bride and groom, etc. Well as everyone was loading their plates up to eat I noticed my BIL grabbing a plate and paused because I swear he looked different than he did when he showed up. I couldn’t pin why at first but when he sat down at the table his mom/my MIL asked him if he’d trimmed his beard.

That’s what it was! His beard, which had been sorta bushy when he’d arrived earlier, was now trimmed down and neater. That’s when he looked at me and said he hoped I didn’t mind but he’d used the trimmer we had in the bathroom to freshen himself up. I was confused because my trimmer and my husband were both in our connected bathroom, which was off limits to guests.

But then it hit me. HE’D USED THE CAT TRIMMER I KEEP IN THE DOWNSTAIRS BATHROOM. The one I use to trim my four VERY fluffy cats’ butt hair and shave off dingleberries to keep them clean.

I must have looked just as shocked as I felt because hubs asked what was wrong and I ignored him and asked BIL if he meant he’d used the small white trimmer that had been in the back of the bottom drawer of the bathroom cabinet? BIL flushed a little at being outed for going through our cabinets I guess and huffed but confirmed, yes, that one. And y’all… I lost it. I laughed so hard I thought I might choke. Even typing this out now is hard cuz just remembering it is making me laugh again.

BIL got pissed and asked what was so damn funny and without thinking I just blurted out what that trimmer is used for. Hubs started laughing his a** off followed by just about everyone on my side of the family and a good chunk of hubs side too. At some point during the laughter BIL got up and called us all a**h**s before storming out. MIL tried scolding me for saying that in front of everyone (some of hubs family agreed) but hubs shushed her and said he shouldn’t have gone thru our stuff.

I feel bad for laughing. I could have pulled BIL aside to tell him instead of blurting it out in front of everybody. MIL says I should apologize. AITA?

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