Girl With Down Syndrome Reaction Seeing A Doll That Looks Just Like Her.

Story via T&T Creative Media

Remember we are all alike and in our own way different and we should respect that.

Olive Mohlman, 2, received a surprise gift from her parents on her second birthday March 5th. When she opens the gift at her home she gets excited seeing the doll by slowly giving it a kiss and examining it.

With the help of her dad they put the doll to stand. Olive said “Oooooooo” when looking at her face and gently hugging and patting the doll.

Kimberly, 39, shared this adorable video on social media. She has more than 65,000 followers where she posts videos of Olives day to day activities.

Kimberly explained that when she was 11 weeks pregnant the doctors had told her that there are 95% chances Olive could have Down Syndrome. She proudly calls their baby “fighter baby” and the happiness of their family life.

Through the social media posts Kimberly wishes to share with the world Olive’s happiness and inspiring others with children who have Down Syndrome.

Let us all play an important role in those who are suffering from Down Syndrome by treating them just like us and understanding and accepting the way they are.

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