Mother’s Tough Lesson For Her Naughty 12 Yr Old Daughter.

Teaching a child to be responsible, to be gentle is very important. It’s a task to teach good manners to a child but don’t lose hope. Be patient and appropriate when a child behaves well, acknowledges his/her mistake.

Source: Reddit

I’m working the desk and a Mom brings her hysterically crying 10-12 year old daughter to the desk. Tell her what you did, she tells her daughter. In between sobs the daughter tells me that she jumped up in the hallway and slapped the exit sign and it fell down.

Her mom goes on to tell me that her daughter’s going to pay to replace it and and she wants her to learn from her actions and take responsibility for it.

Now I know it’s in our hotel nature to say it’s okay or no problem, but I knew this was important to her Mom. I told her thank you for coming and telling me what she did. I asked her why she chose to do that? She said she thought it would be fun and never thought it would fall off. I asked her if she would do that again? No, never, I’m so sorry, she said.

I said, let’s go check out the sign. If there was a fire then guests may not be able to see where the exit was without it and it could be very dangerous. The 3 of us went to the hallway and upon inspecting the sign it wasn’t broken at all and I was able to put it back up and it worked perfectly.

I told the girl that luckily there was no damage so there was no cost she had to pay to replace it. I also told her I was proud of her for taking responsibility for what she did. Her mom told her she was proud of her too.

Just a reminder to us all that if a parent has a child apologize for a wrong they do, don’t say no problem. Be kind, but encourage them not to do it again and the consequences that their wrong doings could cause. Also thank them for their apology.

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