‘Good Samaritan’ killed the mall gunman in 15 seconds, according to police, making him a ‘TRUE AMERICAN HERO.

Jonathan Sapirman only had fifteen seconds, not two minutes, from the time he started firing after exiting the toilet and the time the citizen shot him, according to a statement released by Greenwood police chief James Ison on Tuesday. “Sapirman may be seen leaving the toilet at 5:56:48 on the CCTV footage. At 5:57:03 PM, Dicken defeated him.”

A prior police chronology that said that the encounter lasted two minutes has been corrected by the statement. Police also disclosed that the gunman was struck eight times and ultimately died from his wounds, suggesting Dicken only missed the shooter twice while confronting the danger from a distance.

According to the cops, the shooter had two rifles, a Glock handgun, and at least 100 rounds of ammunition on him. Sapirman killed three people before being swiftly stopped by Dicken, who started inching closer to the gunman while he motioned for onlookers to get away from him.

Despite Dicken’s lack of experience in the military or the police, Ison praised his “courageous” and “quite strategically smart” efforts.

If a responsible armed person hadn’t acted within the first two minutes of the shooting, “many more individuals would have perished yesterday night,” Ison added.

Guy Relford, the lawyer Dicken employed, expressed pride in his client’s activities at the mall.

Relford issued a statement in which she claimed that she is honored to act as Eli Dickens’ representative and attorney. Eli is a great American hero who prevented numerous deaths during a terrible incident that might have been far worse if it weren’t for his bravery, readiness, and desire to defend others.

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