‘I’m a hot gran at 37 after my daughter fell pregnant at 14 – she took her son to prom’

It was a great shock when Haley Tricker’s 14-year-old daughter wept and revealed that she was 24 weeks along.

The previous months Ashleigh Hazleton, now 16 years old, had been unwell, and Haley had attributed it to a possible gluten sensitivity.

But when the adolescent agreed to having sex without protection, Haley realized that, at just 37 years old, she would soon become one of Britain’s youngest grandmothers.

It also denotes a mother of eight. At age 7, Haley’s youngest kid is now an uncle.

Haley felt certain she could sustain Ashleigh because she had become a mom at the age of 18.

Now that the adolescent is working toward her professional ambitions of becoming a fireman, she is assisting her daughter in caring for her kid.

Ashleigh was able to take her GCSE exams and even take her son, Lorenzo, to prom just six weeks after giving birth.

She was incredibly surprised to become a grandmother at that age, but also doesn’t think it’s that rare these days, Haley expressed.

Although she is a young nan, she is certainly a glam-ma, so it’s amazing.

As Lorenzo is now constantly rushing around everywhere, it also means that she can keep up with him much better.

Haley, a former restaurant manager, adapted to becoming a grandma with ease and claims that since Lorenzo, now one, was born, she has experienced a greater degree of love.

Ashleigh was experiencing frequent sickness prior to informing her family that she was expecting a baby and thought she could have an intolerance to anything.

Haley remembers, it was a huge shock when Ashleigh informed her when she was 24 weeks pregnant.

“She summoned Haley downstairs in tears and admitted to having had sex.

As a mother, her first reaction was, “Did you use protection?” My oldest was sent to the store to obtain a pregnancy test because they hadn’t, and the rest is history.

She had really been unwell at some point before this, but they weren’t sure why. When they discovered that she was not sensitive to gluten, everything made sense.

They phoned the GP, and they immediately scheduled them for a scan.

Although she acknowledges having some misgivings, Haley was encouraging from the start.

It was absolutely surprising, she says. She is not the first and most certainly won’t be the last person to become pregnant at the age of 14, so they moved on and coped with it.

She wasn’t there to yell and shout but was simply here to support her.

They met right immediately at Ashleigh’s school, and she was adamant about returning to complete her schooling, which calmed her concerns.

She has already received some results, and they are excellent. She passed with flying colors.

No matter what anybody else thinks, the mother can’t help but be really proud of Ashleigh and become emotional when she consider how her daughter handled everything.

Even though they have a large family already, the other kids were all over the moon when they informed them.

Her mother once said that having grandchildren is a different type of love, and she is now very confident of that. She really believes her daughter is adjusting better than most folks her age. Yes, she became a mother at the age of 14, but she handled that in a wonderful way.

When Ashleigh, now 16, found out she was pregnant, she was hesitant to inform her mother Haley. When she learned, she started weeping uncontrollably. Her feelings were so intense, she claims.

She waited so long to tell Mom because she was in denial for so long.

She continued believing that since she was under stress, her period was missing. She  notified a family member as soon as she learned the news, and they advised her to notify Mom.

Because she had to get through it for Lorenzo, most of that time seemed like an emotional haze.

When Ashleigh told her pals, she claims they were all really helpful and delighted for her.

She is hoping to enroll in college to study public services now that she has graduated from high school and treated Lorenzo to prom as a celebration.

She continues that going back to school actually wasn’t difficult for her since she always knew she was going to earn her education.

Her friends, professors, and mother took care of the baby, and she had such a wonderful support system.

She reminded herself that she was a mother at home and a student at school. She was able to go through using that strategy.

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