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I slept with my beloved pit bull — until he tried to eat me alive

Tya Lucas, 41, from Texas, had invited over her friend Peter so she could acquaint with him to Roo, Lucas’s new puppy.

Lucas remembered that Roo went to jump on the sofa and Peter told him to get down. In blinking of an eye, Lucas’s nearly 100-pound pitbull Hercules attacked at Peter’s neckline and grabbed it. Lucas said that her friend was latched onto the back of his neck and he started bleeding.

Lucas shared that she jumped into action and forced the puppy off of her friend and pushed Peter into the bathroom. But Hercules turned his anger toward Lucas as soon as she was done with it.  

While recollecting the terrible suffering, Lucas said that the puppy must have sniffed Peter’s blood all over her and turned violent to her. She says she shouted at her dog to recognize her, but nothing happened and the attack did not stop.

The pup tore off nearly two-thirds of Lucas’s right arm and ate her bicep. The dog dashed his teeth into her leg after he was done with her upper body. Her daughter tried to save her mother but she was failed and the dog gripped onto her leg and pulled her away further.

Lucas said that she does not recollect much from that day and do not even know how many times the dog bit her. She said that she struggled hard to stay thriving and two-thirds of her arm was torn off and the dog ate her whole bicep.

The emergency services arrived and they effectively detached the dog off and got Lucas into the ambulance. The cops told Lucas that had she died, the dog would have started to eat her internal organs too.

The dog was found abandoned on the side of the road two years earlier. There was no sign of aggression when the dog was brought in the house. He had even napped next to Tya on her bed the night earlier.

Lucas was on the ventilator for couple of days and her hospital stay took 19 days. She also experienced five surgeries to get clear of her dead skin.

She said that her arm is still stiff and bends only few inches. Her hand is swollen, wrist doesn’t move and there’s 15 inches of nerves injured.

Her hospice and physical treatment expanses are now rising up. Her hospice bill is around $180,000. The family has started a crowed funding to support with the expenses.

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