Wife Is Fuming When Nurse Refuses Her Parents To Meet Sick Husband.

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My husband, M36, has been in the hospital for weeks. He just got discharged but he needs homecare (we got him a nurse) to be able to monitor his medical devices. His nurse comes over to handle stuff like catheter and cannula insertions and medication intake.

I’ve noticed she’s been acting a bit rude and overstepping by trying to tell me when to enter my bedroom where my husband’s staying or when the kids get to come in. I already told her how I felt about her attitude and she claimed she was just doing her job making sure my husband is getting enough rest.

Yesterday, my parents came over to visit my husband since they’d been planning to come for a while but couldn’t find time. I opened the door for them and led them towards the bedroom. The minute we walked in, the nurse started redirecting us outside. I was confused. I asked what the F she was doing and she told me she was in the middle of removing my husband’s catheter and this wasn’t a time for a visit. I nearly laughed but she forced us out and shut the door.

I was fuming. I had my parents go into the living room then came back and started arguing with her. She told me that my husband was in a vulnerable state and needed privacy, and she as his nurse simply provided it to him and had “my” visitors go wait outside. I told her this is my home, my bedroom and those were my parents coming over to see my husband and check in on him. so they were HIS visitors as well. She told me it wasn’t the right time for a visit but I told her that she’s in my home and she was overstepping by trying to dictate who is and who isn’t allowed in to see my husband. I told her I’d report her for this attitude and she kept saying that she was just trying to do her job and told me to go ask my husband about how he felt about having people see him in such a state.

I asked her to leave then after my parents were done with their visit I tried to talk to my husband. He told me he did feel like his privacy was violated and that I was being too harsh on the nurse. I told him that my parents were worried sick and wanted to see him. He said this wasn’t the right time and basically backed the nurse up. We got into an argument over this and then he told me to let it go and let the nurse do her job but I said that she keeps acting aggressively and like I was some outsider in my own home. Am the a**h**e in this situation or is she really overstepping?

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