Guy Deletes All Of His Fiancée’s Work Because She Doesn’t Go With Him To A Birthday Party.

Striving for the ideal work-life balance is a difficult undertaking for many of us. Regardless of how hard we try, our job occasionally seeps into our personal life. However when you have a caring spouse who knows your needs and is always there for you, you can deal with almost anything. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case for the girlfriend in this story who had her fiancé go to extraordinary lengths to get back at her after a little disagreement. Read the story and let us know what are your thoughts about the whole situation.

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My fiance’s best friend’s birthday party was yesterday, My fiance wanted me to go with him but I apologized and said I couldn’t because I had to finish a work project in the evening and barely had time. He said it was unacceptable since the party was held at a prestigious restaurant and all his friends were going to bring their partners, He insisted I go with him but I told him if I don’t complete this project soon I will lose potential promotion next month and someone else will take my place.

He just looked at me and said “I just hope it’ll be worth it” then stormed out. I called him but he hung up, I got done with my project and went to take a shower. I got out and found my fiance in the living room refusing to speak to me after I asked about the party. I went upstairs to finalize my project but found out that my entire laptop has been reset. Everything got wiped including my projects. My heart sank. I asked my fiance if he was behind this and he just looked at me and said that now we are even after I refused to come with him to the party and embarrassed him by forcing him to go alone and get weird looks and questions from everyone.

I started yelling at him and called him insecure to care about his public image and looks and getting “even” just cause I had to work. He said I contributed to this outcome and should’ve gone with him. Now I had to start all over again. We started exchanging words and he told me to stop saying he’s insecure and petty. He checked into a hotel and has been staying there constantly texting about how hurt he was that he had to hear me call him insecure and refusing to have any consideration for him. He said that I did make him look bad when I refused to come with him and he was hurt by that.

Would you be mad in her position? Any advice 

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