Mum Dances With Daughter In Chilling Video Weeks Before She Murdered Her.

Nicola was jailed for 15 years for homicide last week after her daughter was found lifeless with chest and abdominal injuries at her flat in Birmingham. Nicola’s boyfriend, Callum Redfern, 22, was also jailed for 14 years for homicide and was handed a simultaneous sentence of three years for a child brutality charge.

Birmingham Crown Court heard Kaylee was the prey of a constant and brutal attack after she interrupted Nicola and boyfriend having sex. In the months before the little girl’s death, she was used as a prop in her mother’s Tiktok videos.

In one disturbing video, Nicola holds up both of her daughter’s arms and moves her around the room like a puppet and forcing her to dance to music.

In another video posted a month before her death, Nicola grabs her head and dances it left and right before she attempts to copy her mother. It then shows Kaylee-Jayde nodding her head while her mother dances in the background in a pair of shorts. In a third video, pregnant Nicola can be seen lifted Kaylee-Jade and smiling.

Nicola continued to upload twisted videos after her daughter was dead. In one video she posted 39 days after killing her daughter she spoke to words to make an apology for having messed up bad. In another, a photo of the tragic little girl also featured alongside her date of death as well as a crying emoji and several angels in the caption.

Judges were told that Kaylee had been dead several hours inside Nicola’s flat in Solihull, West Midlands, when she finally made the 999 call.

The toddler had received injuries consistent with kicks or stamps in the weeks before she died.

Kaylee’s final moments were revealed in chilling CCTV footage.

CCTV showed the three-year-old, dressed in a pink top and shorts arriving back to her flat with her mother. In the upsetting footage, Nicola does not appear to say anything to Kaylee as she has a cigarette in her mouth in the lift. Nicola can also be seen checking her appearance in the mirror as little Kaylee looks up at her.

Kaylee was found dead in her bedroom the next morning.

Sentencing the couple, Mr Justice Foxton QC said that the evening before Kaylee’s death, Redfern went to Nicola’s flat. The two of them went to have sex. Kaylee wanted to stay up and play and there is no direct evidence of what happened next. He further said that Kaylee was sick more than once during the night as a result of the severe beating. Nicola lost her tempers and it is clear that Redfern were joint participants in that assault. They both knew that they had seriously injured Kaylee.

Justice said that Redfern and Nicola did nothing to seek medical help. A prompt call could have saved Kaylee’s life. They both lied repeatedly during discussions.

From the severity of the injuries caused by the assault it is clear there was an intention to cause serious harm. The injuries were caused by a ferocious assault.

Justice said that Nicola and Redfern were equally responsible. They had ample opportunity to raise any concerns. Kaylee was very vulnerable and they were in a position of trust and did nothing to call upon help.

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