Guy Livid When Wife Disappears For A Night After He Ambushed Her At Dinner With Her Estranged Dad.

One of life’s greatest blessings is a father’s love for his daughter. However, not all of us are lucky. Some may have an experience with their father that they wish never to recall. Here in this story a young lady who is alienated from her dad after he settled on an unfortunate choice that for all time impacted their relationship. Her husband, on the other hand, comes from a caring family, and she had the idea that he was supportive of her wrecked family circumstances. She was mistaken. 

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I (29F) have no contact with my father. We had a really good relationship when I was a kid, but he cheated on my mother, who already had some mental health issues, and was caught in a pretty damning way. The aftermath was horrible and deeply traumatic, let’s just leave it at that. I had just started college at the time and basically my whole life fell apart within about a week.

My father tried to justify it and I told him that the options were (a) immediately break up with the woman he cheated with and go to therapy with me to find out if I could ever forgive him or (b) get out of my life. He picked (a) but didn’t actually break up with her, I found out because I expected that and she sucks at covering her tracks, so I haven’t spoken to him in a decade and he’s essentially dead to me. I miss the dad I had in childhood sometimes, but otherwise I don’t regret cutting him off. My older brothers also cut him off shortly after, though one is back in LC to a degree.

My husband comes from a very different kind of family and the whole situation is mind blowing for him, largely because his parents are lovely and would never do something like this. He can’t imagine things being so bad that you would just never speak to your parents again. We’ve talked about it a couple of times in the past and he asked if I would ever reach back out, for closure if nothing else. I said “over my dead body”, so I thought he understood.

A couple of weeks ago, he asked me to meet him for dinner after work, which we do occasionally. We had just sat down and talked for a minute when my husband said that he had a surprise for me. A minute later, my father walks up to the table. I immediately got up and walked out, they followed me, but I got in my car and left before they could catch up. My phone started ringing, so I just turned it off. I checked into a hotel and set up my work laptop and spent the rest of the evening working because that helps when I’m upset. I didn’t turn my phone back on until the next morning and saw I had over 50 missed calls and a bunch of texts and DMs from people trying to contact me.

My husband has apologized profusely for the whole thing, evidently my father reached out to him some time back and he thought I would change my mind after hearing what he had to say. He was furious with me for just completely disappearing, though, because he thought something terrible had happened to me or that I had left him. I told him it served him right for going behind my back and tricking me, but the mutual friends he reached out to to see if they had heard from me think I overreacted and I should have let him know that I was safe.

Did she overreact? Any advice 

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