Guy Scolds Wife For Wearing Purple Lipstick Because It Makes Her Look Like She’s In ‘LGBTQ Community.’

Husbands and wives don’t always agree on everything. Be it in their characters, guidelines of tidiness, taste in food and culture, there will undoubtedly be sure things on which a wedded couple clash. In the majority of situations, however, couples can cohabit peacefully despite their differences. That unfortunately wasn’t an ideal case for the wife in this story  who was taken aback when her spouse critiqued her looks on a recent excursion. Read the story to know what happened.

Source: Reddit

This happened a few weeks back. I (34F) and my husband (35M) were getting ready for one of our rare nights out. We don’t go out often as we both have opposite schedules and mainly home bodies.

I decided to be adventurous and wear a purple color lipstick. I really liked the way it looked, and asked him eagerly how he liked it. He responded that he didn’t like it… And it made me look like I was part of the LGBTQ community.

He made other comments, and my response was that it was a good thing he wasn’t the one wearing the lipstick then. He then got upset that I would still wear it. His reasoning was that as his wife, I should want him to like what I look like. I told him his view was very misogynistic and I was still going to wear the lipstick color. He was very huffy about it but I stood my ground.

Did she overreact? Any Advice

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