Hate Him Or Love Him, Nobody Treats Their Fans Better Than Johnny Depp.

Because of his continuing legal struggle, Johnny Depp has been the subject of much discussion for months.

Despite this, he still has a legion of admirers that support him not just because of his acting (which is fantastic), but also because of all the great he does for others, particularly his fans. Whether you like him or not, it’s tough to dispute that he makes them happy. Johnny Depp is no new to bringing delight to his followers, particularly his younger ones.

While he became viral for his appearance at Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride, fans fell even more in love with him for all of the amazing work he does for kids.

Johnny Depp​ visits a children’s hospital 😍

Johnny Depp visits a children’s hospital 😍

Posted by Daily Mail on Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Depp has visited two children’s hospitals, keeping in costume as Jack Sparrow for hours while he visits the kids.

Obviously, he brightens their day. How could he not, with all the embraces, high fives, and sword-playing? Sarah Kertcher remarked that he never broke character and was very kind with his time when he met her daughter, Madison. She continued saying that he was actually there for the kids, and seeing how special he made each one brought tears to her eyes. He even went to a school to accomplish the same thing. So, regardless of what he’s going through publicly, and regardless of whether you believe he’s a good actor or not, one thing is certain. He is undoubtedly doing his thing to ensure that kids all across the world feel a little happy as a result of Captain Jack Sparrow’s visit.

What do you think about his situation?

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