Johnny Depp smashes up kitchen in drunken rage in video secretly filmed by Amber heard.

As star actor Johnny Depp’s defamation hearing against his ex-wife, Amber is going on, a footage has been played in court presenting the actor during a drunken fury.

The small footage shows the star shouting vulgar words frequently. Depp can also be seen jolting at the fixtures and banging the doors of kitchen cupboards. The video shows that at one point, Depp picks up a bare glass and crashes it near Amber Heard.

Amber can be heard saying in the clip, “What happened? All I did was say sorry. Did something happen to you? I don’t think so!

Johnny Depp smashes up kitchen in drunken rage

Day three of Johnny Depp’s defamation trial against Amber Heard saw shocking footage of the actor rampaging through a kitchen and revealed sordid details of their relationship. LATEST >

Posted by Herald Sun on Thursday, April 21, 2022

Indicating at a bare whisky bottle, Amber added, “You drank this whole thing this morning? You’re smashing shit.”

Heard’s advocate, Beniamin Rottenborn asked Depp if he was ferocious as part of interrogation after the video played in the Virginia law court.

Depp answered and said that obviously he was having a rough time. He said that he doesn’t know what with regard to, but being unlawfully recorded by your partner is quite fitting with the rest of the photos and footages. He added that Amber tried to hide it from him and he giggled and beamed at the end. He added that he did attack a couple of cupboards but did not harm Amber.

Amber’s Attorney asked while further poking at the actor if his “standards of southern gentleman” were not in his attention at that instant. Depp replied that he doesn’t know about anybody else but he had experiences where one does lost whole control over their sentiments at times.

Depp said that he did not try to frighten Amber but asked why was she filming the instance? He said that if she was afraid of death then why didn’t she left?

The law court also heard the troubling audio footage in which Depp pleaded his ex-wife to cut him using his table knife.

After a tiny disruption by a housekeeper, Depp screamed that she hate him. Amber then said Depp to put the knife down and do not cut his skin.  

As the footage played in the court, Depp took a tissue to rub his eye. In the meantime, clearly upset Amber could be seen fighting back tears.

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