He Couldn’t Stop Laughing When This Manager Yelled Him For Turning Up Late To Work.

Source: Reddit

I never thought I would experience this in my life time. I’m a hard worker, extremely dependable, and respectful. Not sure how I could lose a job like this. Especially when I only just got it.

So I work late and just about every night for the last few weeks at least, I stop by Walmart to get something for dinner. I usually get off around midnight and stop by on my way home. Every time I’m at Walmart, barely anyone is there except for the night crew. Stocking up the store and doing their own thing. Now from what I have noticed, they don’t have much of a uniform. Many of them are in hoodies or jackets of different colors. Just to add some context.

I showed up last night and I’m wearing a hoodie. I begin to walk up and down the aisle trying to figure out what I want for dinner. I’m thinking pasta and walk past a few guys who are loading the shelves. All of a sudden, I start hearing this guy yelling. This voice gets louder. “HEY! HEYYYY! Are you listening?” I turn to look to see what is going on and this guy approaches me. “You’re late again. Don’t think I haven’t noticed you walking in the door after 12.”

I begin to laugh, thinking this guy is joking around. Before I can even say anything he jumps on me. “You think this is funny? Your job must not be important to you. I want you to follow me to the office.”

Now I’m completely confused and start looking around like I’m on some hidden camera show. He starts to walk off and I turn around and go back to shopping.

He comes back a minute later and starts to yell. “You want to be fired? Because if you don’t come with me now, I will fire you!”

I start to laugh even harder, then ask him, “What’s my name?”

He gives me this puzzled look, so I asked him again, “What’s my name? Do you even know who I am?”

He looks at the other guys in the aisle, who have stopped stocking the shelves at this point to watch this event unfold. He then looks back at me, trying to figure out what exactly to say back to me before his head explodes.

“Good luck filing the paper work to fire me, when you don’t even know my name!” I continue to laugh at this whole stupid charade. I pick up some ingredients for spaghetti, trying to give this guy a clue.

He storms off and I look at the other guys in the aisle. “I’m sure he will figure out eventually, I don’t work here.”

They start laughing and I go on. Can’t believe I lost the job I just found out I had in the same night.

Hope it made you a laugh… feel free to share!

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