Mother-in-law Thinks She Cheated On Her Son When She Saw The Baby’s Color.

Source: Reddit

In eight years of relationship she never accepted me (24f) because of my skin color, my husband’s (30m) entire family hates me but his mother hates me even more, if that’s possible. When I got pregnant his family thought my daughter would be black, so when she was born they were very disappointed because she’s white blonde and green eyed (my grandparents were like that but not my father, their son, and neither am I)

Of course they accused me of cheating on my husband and my mother-in-law told the whole family that they shouldn’t visit us without seeing a paternity test proving that my husband is the father of “that white girl” (her words not mine) And for three months my life was hell until finally we did two tests in two different labs and both proved me right, he’s the father but my mother-in-law now thinks that both tests lie because there’s no way that “that” girl is my husband’s daughter, that’s why he cut off contact with his family but she called him a few nights ago and said that she’s disappointed and that he’s an idiot for believing in my lies and even told him that her only granddaughter is the daughter of my SIL (her daughter is not that dark but for everybody she’s black) and that she can’t love a girl who is not her family.

That broke my husband’s heart because he had hoped that his family would love our daughter over time so he just hung up the phone because he was really angry and sad. For years I ignored everything she used to say but I’m already tired I just want her to stop, while I type this I can’t help crying because I swear I’m tired of her and her family and I’d like to tell her all the things that I didn’t tell her in these years but I don’t know if I should.

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