He Goes Viral For Saving A Stranger Through CPR, Encourages Everyone To Take A Class.

In Topsham, Maine, a man was walking near a street when he had a massive heart attack. Nate Howard watched it happen, and he quickly ran over to the man and started giving him CPR. Another rushed up and helped him. He and another gave the man chest compressions. They worked on him for about 5 minutes as others started gathering up around them.

Paramedics then got to the scene and took over. They shocked him several times and finally got him stabilized. Then they put him in the ambulance and rushed him to the hospital. A police officer at the scene, who himself had some time ago suffered a massive heart attack, thanked Nate and the other man for doing what they could to save the man’s life. He shook their hands and said if they had not been there and done what they did, that man would have died on the street.

The next day, the man’s family contacted Nate. They were given his name because they wanted to know who helped to save their family member’s life. They wanted him to come to the hospital. So he did.

The doctor spoke to him, confirming exactly what the police officer told him the day before, that the man would have certainly died on the street without his help. That “man” who almost died on the street is named Stephen, and Nate got to meet him, and spent some time with him. Nate thought he was great and really funny. Stephen, with his long, white beard, plays Santa every year, and even hosts an event called “Meet Santa” at the high school during Christmas.

But Santa told Nate when he got out of the hospital, the two were going out to throw back a few beers. Nate posted about the incident and meeting Stephen, and he also brought up something very important. He urged everyone to learn how to respond to an emergency situation like this and learn how to perform CPR. Overall, he said, it would take about 2 hours to learn and practice.

Says Nate: “Two hours of your time can make a lifetime worth of difference to someone else.”

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