He Got Cookies For His Friend Who Was Injured During The Football Game.

“Zack LOVES the athletes that attend Penn State, especially the football players. So when we walk to class, he makes sure to say hi to each one he sees. A few weeks ago as we were walking to class and passed by football player Torrence Brown. Zack said hi to him and Torrence was incredibly nice to Zack, stopping to give him a big handshake and asking him how his day was. Ever since then, Torrence has made sure that if he saw Zack he stopped to talk to him.

Unfortunately, Torrence got injured in his football game two weeks ago. Later that week when we saw Torrence, he was in a knee brace and driving an electric scooter to class. I asked Zack if he realized that his buddy had hurt his knee. He said, ‘Oh my goodness I didn’t realize!’ And was a little upset that he had not taken notice to Torrence’s injury. He told me he wanted to give him a get well soon gift to lift his spirits.

Zack decided that cookies makes everything better, and my mom made cookies that weekend for Zack to give to his buddy. He was so excited to give the cookies and his note to Torrence, and when he saw him he ran up to him with a huge smile! Torrence loved it, he actually stoop up on his scooter (with a bad knee) to give Zack a big hug and to thank him.

He texted me a couple hours later and told me it made his whole day. Even better, a few days after Zack gave him the cookies Torrence posted a link to donate to a fund that Zack has set up online raising awareness for Down Syndrome (called the Buddy Walk) and posted it on his twitter page.”

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