Trainee Speaks The Truth About His Senior Colleague To His Father.

Source: Reddit

So I’m training an employee for the first time, and it’s been going really well! He’s very stoic and kind of quiet but he’s hardworking and doesn’t ever need to be asked to do something or do a task at a scheduled time. He is honestly an great addition to the team and I’m happy to have him.

Today, my dad came in to work to bring me food because I was working a double (didn’t ask him to he’s the f**king best). I was stocking in the back room when he brought me food, put it in the fridge and went out to the floor. I was walking out and hung back for a second cause my dad was talking to the new guy, I hear my dad who is a constant joker go “don’t listen to anything my son tells you. He is, frankly, a criminal and a bad influence.” And the guy just responds “I know you are joking, but your son is a good man.”

I had no idea how much hearing that would mean to me. I had to go back into the break room and collect myself for a few minutes. Retails not all bad, y’all.

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