“He Is Not The Husband I Dreamt Up As A Young Girl, And How Lucky Am I To Get What I Didn’t Even Know I Needed.”

Story by Scarlett Longstreet

For every counter I wipe there’s a gas tank he fills. For every craft I organize there’s a living room wrestling match he MCs.

I make sure our home has the things we need, he goes to work to pay for them. I’m the clock watcher and the bag packer, he’s the bookkeeper and the laundry folder.

Neither of us does it all, but together we do everything.

I’d be happy in my comfort zone, but he makes sure I step outside of it. Every wild one needs a voice of reason.

He is not the husband I dreamt up as a young girl, and how lucky am I to get what I didn’t even know I needed.

If you have a partner who is good at the things you aren’t, does the chores you hate, encourages you when you want to quit, but isn’t afraid to let you know when you should, then you’ve got what the fairytales fail to mention.

You don’t need someone to complete you, but together you’ll feel balanced.

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