Wife Talks About Being An Active Duty Military Spouse.

Story by Tia Hawkins

I definitely don’t talk about life as an active duty military spouse as much as I should. I guess I try not to be all consumed in my husbands career and in all honesty, I’m not. I have my career and he has his. Sometimes, I like to forget it’s the life we actually live, because sometimes that life is just hard!

The rule has always been “BE READY” and they mean it! Be ready for anything at anytime.

We are gearing up here in our home for our 12th (maybe 13) round of work ups (in and out of sea-more out than in) which will lead up to the same number of deployment in the too soon future.

Goodbyes are difficult and homecomings are tearful. Emotions stay in this life. We can never get too comfortable because I promise you, you will get knocked off your axis. Whether it’s a schedule change, last minute move or urgent issue it will absolutely happen!

This time is harder. The pandemic let us keep him a little longer, we all grew a little closer and all of us are a little older. This time we got used to him being in our home instead of protecting everyone else’s.

This time we are not ready, but as we have all witnessed… the world is in chaos.

Today’s updates will be different than tomorrows. One day America is the hero, the next we are the villain. Media images and political opinions sway facts and induce fear on all sides, furthering the divide. I get angry, then anxious, then sad. Why? Because this world needs him back, and we aren’t ready to send him. ❤️🤍💙

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