He Used To Worship Satan But Then God Changed His Heart And His Life.

After describing how God entirely transformed his heart, a former Satanist goes viral. And what an uplifting collection of human testimonials about the transformational power of God’s love!

The stirring words of 2 Corinthians 5:17 describe how we become a new creature when we accept Him into our hearts. Carl Sartor, a former Satanist, saw this personally!

The guy, 35, had spent the most of his life “running from God.” He was an atheist for 15 years before becoming a Satanist for five years.

Carl’s existence apart from God, as you would expect, was not pleasant. He became entrapped in a “vicious cycle of drugs and drink.” He struggled with a strong rage issue.

That, though, is the beauty of the Gospel. God never gives up on us, no matter how often we resist. He loves us in our best and worst moments. Jesus never gives up on winning our hearts.

Rich Walters, pastor of Cross Church in Parkersburg, West Virginia, attempted to invite Carl to the service. Carl gunned him down at the moment.

The invitation, though, was a seed that God would bring to blossom more than a year later.

Carl Sartor had to reach rock bottom before he considered altering his life and views.

After that, the former Satanist chose to give the church a chance. Finally, he met the gorgeous Jesus he’d ignored for so long.

Carl Sartor’s life was transformed once he accepted Christ. And it hasn’t altered since that unforgettable day.

Rich proudly declares that this former Satanist is a “worshipper.” Now he is a believer.

Hey guys this is my friend Carl. These pictures are a couple of weeks apart. He denied God and hated him since he was 5…

Posted by Rich Walters on Sunday, 23 January 2022

The tale went viral when Carl’s extraordinary personal experience was shared. Carl has just one desire for others.

His God is an incredible God, and he desires that everybody have the opportunity to feel his love in the same way that he does, he wrote.

Such a stunning reminder of God’s steadfast love for all of us!

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