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Sandra Bullock says Keanu Reeves surprised her with champagne & truffles because she’d never tried them.

Keanu Reeves spends his life now with a label that only a few individuals in Hollywood can claim.

That is to say, he is well known in the entertainment world as one of the truly nice guys. In the spotlight, where outrageous amounts of money and attention can oh-so-easily boost a person’s sense of self-importance, it seems that few people are immune to becoming, well, less than nice.

Keanu Reeves is immune, despite the fact that he has been a household name in movies for nearly 25 years.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about Reeves and his generous gestures: how he apparently secretly donates large sums of money to children’s hospitals; how he organized transportation for passengers aboard a plane forced to make an emergency landing; and how he gave a dozen stuntmen Harley-Davidson motorcycles to thank them for their work on “The Matrix” filming.

Simply put, it seems like Keanu is a guy on a mission to make the world a somewhat better place, and he actively engages in compassionate acts on a daily basis to do so.

Sandra Bullock recently spoke out about Reeves; the two co-starred in the popular 1994 film Speed.

As if anyone needed reminding of what a gentleman Keanu is, Bullock recounted a conversation she and Reeves had about champagne and truffles about a year after Speed’s debut. More precisely, she hadn’t tried them.

Bullock stated that she didn’t think much of what she’d said until Keanu showed up a few days later on a motorcycle. What’s in his hands? Flowers, champagne, and truffles, you guessed it.

Bullock claimed that she was getting her nails painted at the time with a pal. They shared the champagne with Reeves, yet he had to depart soon after to go on a date.

Moreover, Bullock said that she is pleased that the two, now both 57, have never had a romantic relationship with one another.

Keanu’s the kind of guy who seems to be buddies with every woman he’s ever dated. She stated that she does not believe anyone has anything negative to say about him.

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