Healthy 7-year-old girl dies just one minute into routine operation: “Nothing was wrong”

When you have kids, your whole world changes. Things that were once insignificant become everything, and risks that you would have disregarded previously become obsessions.

Because we have a natural obligation to safeguard and care for our children, the thought of them being put in danger – no matter how tiny the scale – is terrible. That is why even ordinary activities become a source of concern.

What’s the reason? There are always hazards, and that voice in your brain will never minimize them. In fact, it frequently intensifies them.

A South Carolina family is grieving the untimely death of their 7-year-old little girl, who died only one minute into what should have been routine surgery.

Paisley Elizabeth Grace Cogsdill, according to sources, was a 7-year-old child in good health. On Friday, February 21, the second grader was upbeat about her tonsillectomy at Self Regional Hospital in Greenwood, SC.

But then something terrible happened. Paisley’s heart stopped beating one minute into the surgery, and she died. Her family is in complete disbelief.

As the Truelock and Cogsdill families look for answers in Paisley’s death, the neighborhood has banded around them. A GoFundMe page has been set up to cover costs, and an autopsy should provide the family with the clarity they need as they grieve. The GoFundMe campaign has so far raised more than $38,000.

Mary Beth Truelock expressed that she had no fear going into surgery. She was cheerful and smiling. Nothing was wrong. She was fearless.

Doctors attempted all they could to save Paisley’s life when her heart stopped beating.

Mary Beth said she misses her all the time. One does not know why these things occur, but they know it was all part of God’s plan, and it’s the only factor that can carry them through because they understand it was all part of God.

Paisley’s parents, Austin Cogsdill and Jasmine Truelock, are now in a state of shock, asking why their courageous young baby was snatched so soon from them.

It’s anticipated that the next autopsy will reveal what led Paisley’s heart to stop when it did, but it will be of little comfort to a family that now has to live without one of its shining stars.

Only God knows why he picked Paisley to join him, but maybe her family will gain some comfort from the public’s continuous support.

Paisley sweet angel, rest in peace. If you wish to convey love and prayers, share this story on Facebook.

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