Woman Along With Her Mother Goes To An Adult Store To Teach MIL A Lesson For Invading Her Privacy.

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So this happened when I was (un) happily married to my (ex) husband.

For context I am a petty, petty woman and hella passive aggressive. We were recently married and bought a house about a 20min walk from his parents. I am very close with my family and this puts me over an hour by bus away from them (I don’t drive) and an hour’s bus away from work. My ex did drive and his job was 20mins away by car. He wanted to live near his family and work because of petrol costs and because I now know he is an insufferable mummy’s boy.

While we were living together his mum still washed all his clothes because I once failed to get biro out of one of his work shirts and his mum still made him a packed lunch. He was 25 when we bought our house, 27 when I divorced his a**.

The issue – his mum had a house key in case of emergencies and had a habit of letting herself in to clean while we were at work. My house was never dirty and I took offence that she would enter our house while we were away to clean it. I also hated the thought of someone being in my home while I was not. I eventually told my ex to make her stop, this was after we had been on holiday and I returned to find air fresheners in every room of the house like it stank previously.

Ex refused to talk to MIL because why would he. It’s around this time I notice our bedroom is also being cleaned, the bed being made, sheets changed, and my bedside table straightened up. My underwear drawer had also been refolded. Furious I ask my ex again to make this stop. It’s an invasion of privacy. Again he says she’s just helping us out so declines to speak with her.

Upset and angry I call my mum who is where I have learned the art of pettiness. We talked and met up in town the following day. We proceed to go to an adult store and buy the BIGGEST d*ldo we can find.

I return home and place it in my drawer. When I leave for work the following day I place said d*ldo on our unmade bed. I got a phone call from my ex asking me if I’d lost my mind. I pointed out that if he had spoken to MIL she wouldn’t have seen it. He was mad at me for ages but his mum never went in our room again.

What do you think about the whole situation?

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