Mom asks if she was wrong to report hospital employee for touching her baby.

When you’re a new mom, it’s natural to feel emotionally weary. But does it give you the right to lash out at someone who works at the hospital where your child has an appointment? After losing her cool on a member of the medical staff for touching her baby, this new mother wants to whether she is right for making a complaint about a hospital employee touching her baby?”

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Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment that I had to bring my 7 month old son with. Appointment went fine, but afterwards i had to head downstairs to the lab to get some blood drawn.

While I’m waiting in line to check in, another woman walks up to me and starts asking about my son. “boy or girl?” “how old is he?”. Meanwhile he is in his stroller sleeping with a blanket over the whole front so its darker and gives off the chill, sleep vibes inside the stroller.

This woman proceeded to lift up the blanket to peek inside at my son. Immediately responded with (in a slightly annoyed tone) “he’s sleeping right now, he’s been having a rough time with naps during the day so he was very cranky earlier.” Which is mom code for “DON’T WAKE UP MY BABY, DONT TOUCH MY BABY”

Right after I told this lady that he was sleeping, she looked up at me and said “oh okay okay” really fast in a hushed tone. THEN CONTINUED TO TRY TO STICK HER HAND FURTHER IN THE STROLLER UNDER THE BLANKET. Like she was just gonna be quiet now instead of taking the hint!

So at that point i was mad and snapped “don’t touch my baby i don’t know you and i already said he is sleeping.” She had the nerve to tell me it was okay because she worked there at the hospital. That just made me even more mad so i asked her “so then are you here to draw my blood too since you work here and you can do everything?”

She then said how rude that was and how she just wanted to congratulate me on my baby. She told me that it was a shame motherhood didn’t turn me into a sweet person who wanted to show off and brag about my baby like it does for everyone else.

As she walked away, the counter opened up for me to check in and I asked to file a complaint about her being so rude and trying to touch my baby. The woman at the counter said i could and would give me the info i needed for that, but then asked if i was sure i wanted to complain because “lots of people like touching babies here, usually the mom isn’t upset about it.”

I was literally flabbergasted that she would say that to me so I turned around and left the whole goddamn hospital because I could feel a nuclear breakdown coming. I called the hospital later and explained what happened and that I needed to reschedule. The woman on the phone apologized on behalf of the hospital and said she would file the complaint for me.

Now that I’ve simmered down I do sort of feel a bit karen-ish because I’ve never filed a complaint about anyone before.But I’m still so mad about the way they talked to me at the clinic. Did I over react? Please don’t be afraid to criticize. Thank you for your time in advance.

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