Heartbroken Mum Who Cried Herself To Sleep After Son’s Death Wakes Up To Find Her Other Boy Has Passed Away.

Rosemary Davis, mom of five was hard hit by the heart-breaking deaths of her two sons. She did not anticipate her life to change within a few hours. Her son who came to solace her expired hours after the demise of her first son.

Several of us would settle to believe that having to live longer than your own child is perhaps the most horrible thing that can occur to a parent. Losing somebody who you love can leave you with the utmost pain one can ever get to feel. The hollowness a parent feels when they lose their child is nothing short of traumatic. But nobody can ever compare the soreness experienced by the already inconsolable mother whose second son expired hours after the demise of her first son. One mother of five had to experience the trauma of this loss just few hours apart.

Rosemary Davis, mother of five was hard hit by the awful demises of her two sons Scott and Robert. Rosemary’s life ruined when she realized that her son Robert who had come to comfort her also passed away hours after the death of her son Scott. The 29-year-old Scott who wanted to go to rehabilitation centre was found dead at his flat. It was assumed that he died of an overdose.

Scott Bellis— ©Rosemary Davies

Robert came home to respite his mother after the death of his younger brother Scott Bellis. Robert remained up all night with his mum before going to bed. In the wee hours, though life took a sudden turn. The grieving mother, who had cried herself to nap, was suddenly awakened by a shout. It was Fallon, Robert’s girlfriend, shocked to see blood coming out from his mouth and called out for help.

They were awake until 2 am when Rosemary went to bed but she again wake up at 5 and was crying in her bed. But close to 8 am she overheard Fallon screaming and came downstairs to check if everything is alright. She found thick blood coming out from her son’s mouth and he was cold to the touch. However, even with the efforts of the family and the paramedics, her second son could not be saved. The night of Scott’s death turned out to be the eve of Robert’s death,

Robert Jones—@Rosemary Davies

The family, who might not accept what had happened as true, mourned the loss of the two brothers. Both the brothers were buried in a combined cremation and the coffins were carried by their heartbroken families.

Rosemary could not hide her feelings at the cremation ritual of her two sons. It was heartbreakingly tough for her to see the way they carried down the coffins one after the other. Her emotions had overpowered her and she felt like jumping in the grave with her two sons. However, she knew that she was the lone left for Scott’s six-year-old son Leo.

Leo is going to fill her broken heart and she is now his legal guardian. Leo’s father unconditionally adored him and so as his uncle.

Rosemary shared a deep connection with her two sons. Both of her sons were regularly in touch and always accessible to each other. Scott lived around the corner and would come and see his mother every day. Robert was settled with his girlfriend, but he still came round to see his mother for Sunday lunch and each Thursday. Her other three sons have moved on with their lives but her connection with Scott and Robert had never actually been cut and they were always together.

The unexpected death of two children has also left the family in a tough spot when it comes to paying for the funeral. The grief-stricken family do not know how they are going to pay for it and neither have they had that kind of money. A JustGiving crowed funding page has been set up to support the family.

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