Young Couple Ready To Spend Their Life Together Die In A Car Crash, Minutes After Their Wedding.

Whosoever falls in love, anticipate being with their companion for the rest of their lives. They dream together of yet to come days and make plans to flourish as a twosome. But at times, before they could even start, they are encountered with a full stop brought in by destiny. That is what happened to Harley Joe Morgan and Rhiannon Boudreaux who were babyhood darlings and dreamed of a life together. They loved each other and expected to start a life together but their fate was harsh to them.

They were killed in a car crash immediately after Harley 19 and his love Rhiannon 20 tied the knot. The newlywed hadn’t even been married for five minutes.

The couple had just become married at the Office of the Justice of the Peace in Texas in front of their families and friends. They planned to rejoice their nuptial with a cake at Harley’s mother’s house. On the other hand, the whole thing altered in the wink of an eye.

The couple who were heading to the county law court to file their marriage certificate were knockout by a trailer loaded with a tractor on Texas 87, near the local airport. The bearing of the bang was so immense that the couple’s car tossed manifold before it landed in a trench. Family and friends who trailed the couple’s car saw the terrible event.

The couple was confirmed deceased on the spot and just minutes after presiding over their nuptials, Dubose-Simonton had to declare the couple dead.

Harley’s mother could not come to terms with it for hours. She was standing at the highway when the officers carried over the blood-stained bouquet and a packet having the wedding certificate.

Harley and Rhiannon were babyhood sweeties and dated while in school. They desired a future together and were even eager for a proper bridal ritual some time later. After the wedding, Harley was planning to go back to college while Rhiannon wanted to attend nursing school.

Harley’s mother said that every single life is valuable. Stop distressing about the small things as we don’t know how much longer we are going to have a person. This should’ve been the happily ever after story. The only thing they sought was to get wedded and start their life. The newlywed had lots of dreams and they wanted their family near them.

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