Her Husband Would Constantly Point At Her Flaws.

25-year-old Lisseth Exposito, who lives in Northfleet, Kent, England, was going through a really rough time in her life. She started gaining weight with her first pregnancy. All the while, her husband, Jose, would eat big breakfast, eat at McDonald’s, and chow down on other very unhealthy meals. And he wouldn’t gain any weight at all. And the bigger Lisseth got, the more he would be cruel to her with horrible words that would include that “fat” word mixed in them. So she stayed depressed. And she got heavier.

Say Lisseth: “I’d catch Jose looking at me in disgust. As I ate my dinner on the sofa, I’d hear him mutter ‘fat girl,’ as crumbs bounced off my belly. It started with little digs, but soon it was cruel jibes. I was desperate to be the curvaceous hourglass girl he had fallen for, but I had no willpower or self-esteem to diet. Jose wouldn’t show me any affection and food became even more of a friend. The words made my stomach flip and I hit an all-time low. Food became the only thing to give me a moment of happiness. I was eating around 4,000 calories a day.”

And it wasn’t too long after the depression set in that Lisseth came across a string of text messages on Jose’s phone. It was an exchange between him and another woman, and it was of an inappropriate nature.

When she confronted him about it, he went there… it was her weight, he told her. He also said that she would always be ugly. He threw a whole lot of hurt her way that day. So Lisseth filed for divorce. She wasn’t happy and neither was Jose. But through this whole terrible ordeal, Lisseth found her rope, and she started climbing out of that deep, dark hole.

She changed her lifestyle, started eating healthier meals, and the weight started pouring off… to the tune of 126 pounds. She had a new, much more positive take on life now. And it showed in many ways. After the divorce, Jose would drive up to take their child for his visitation, and Lisseth could tell he was starting to give her those double-take “interested” looks again.

Then, one day, he actually came out and told her that she was “hot” and he wanted to get back together with her. Lisseth found that very amusing. Then she slammed the door in his face, promising herself to NEVER let him back in her life again. Good for her!

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