Trucker Rushes To Save Seeing A Distraught Girl Gazing Out Of A RV Window.

Kevin Kimmel drives a long-haul truck, so he’s on the road all the time. That’s lots and lots of hours on the road. And with all that driving, he’s bound to see a lot of strange things. He’s seen funny things, odd things and scary things. He stays alert, and he sees it all. And he also sees things when they just plain are not right.

On a crisp, mid-January night in 2015, while driving through New Kent, Virginia, Kevin pulled his rig into a rest area. He had thought about just continuing his drive down the road and stopping later, but something just made him want to stop here. It was a feeling… something. And when he pulled into his spot, he could feel that something again… something that just was not right.

It was that older RV with pulled black curtains that was right there a couple of spots over from him. That just did not seem right. RV’s always park out front with other vehicles. This area was specifically for big rigs. So Kevin just did not feel things were as they should be. What was going on here, he wondered. So Kevin stayed put in his cab, keeping a keen eye on that RV.

After a while, he spotted a man walk up to the RV and knock on the door, and he was let into it. That was suspicious, to say the least. So he kept watching. Soon the RV started rocking back and forth. Kevin then could see a young woman moving the curtain and putting her face close to the window. She was obviously in complete distress, and Kevin now knew exactly what was going on. The woman was being raped.

Kevin immediately contacted police and within 5 minutes several patrol cars surrounded the RV. A man and woman inside the RV were arrested. They had kidnapped a woman and forced her into performing sexual acts with others for money. They had apparently gotten away with this for some time. If not for Kevin, whose to say what would have become of her. The man and woman who were arrested were swiftly handed justice with convictions and prison sentences.

Kevin made a difference in that instance, and since then, he has spoken out against human trafficking. He’s also joined up with Truckers Against Trafficking, which works to “educate, equip, empower and mobilize members of the trucking and busing industries to combat human trafficking.”

So just know, there are a lot of truckers out there now who are vigilant when it comes to this horrible human injustice. And Kevin encourages everyone, even beyond truckers, to stay alert.

Says Kevin: “Do the right thing; you know, if you see something, say something.”

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