High School Student Battling Terminal Cancer Gets Emotional Graduation Ceremony Just for Him

Adam Wright, eighteen, has not had an easy life. He was just four years old when he was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a kind of cancer.

After nearly three years, the courageous youngster was able to combat illness with the aid of chemotherapy and enter remission. Unfortunately, this joy would not endure forever.

Around 10 years after learning that he was cancer-free, Adam’s twin brother Timothy Wright became ill with a rare blood malignancy that ultimately killed him. When asked about his sibling’s death, the young guy said, that was the toughest part he has ever done in his life: bid farewell to his twin brother. He is and always will be his best buddy.

As if that weren’t enough, a few months after Timothy died, Adam was diagnosed with cancer again; this time, it was deadly and termed Osteosarcoma, a rare illness that attacks the bones.

The adolescent had to have two operations that affected his walking ability and he couldn’t comprehend fate had dealt him another blow. The adolescent stated that he live a different life than a regular person since every day he wake up with a lot of pain, and it’s simply like, go take your meds again.

Sadly, the cancer has continued to spread. Unfortunately, Adam is in a hospice, where his health is deteriorating.

Despite the extreme scenarios, this young man’s loved ones planned a beautiful day for him. With the awareness that Adam would not be able to attend graduation, his family, classmates, school, and hospital personnel organised a special celebration for him.

They all provided a big amount of food for the celebration, particularly junk food, which Adam enjoys eating.

The adolescent, smart beyond his years, delivered a statement about living with his disability as he accepted his diploma. Nevertheless, this is not the only place where he tells his story.

WATCH as Adam Wright is wheeled in to his graduation ceremony. The 18-year-old has a terminal bone cancer and is in hospice so Rogers High and Highlands Oncology held an early graduation for him.

Posted by Chelsea Helms on Thursday, 18 November 2021

This courageous young guy opted to tell his tale on YouTube, explaining that he wants others to know the truth of him trying to stay alive while never losing faith. He wishes kids to realise that they, too, can accomplish it, and that they have individuals and resources to help them, Adam added.

Adam clearly personified what it meant to convert grief into mission and maybe leave a legacy that will help others in a similar circumstance through this channel.

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