Girl, 2, sinks her teeth into 20-inch snake and kills it in revenge for bitting her lip

On August 10, the child, named only by her initials S.E., was playing in the rear yard of her family’s home in Kantar, Bingol, Turkey, when her cries were heard by neighbours.

They rushed to aid the child, only to discover that she had a 20-inch (50cm) snake clamped in her mouth and a bite mark on her lower lip.

According to local media, after killing the snake, the neighbours administered first aid and contacted paramedics.

The kid was transported to Bingol Maternity and Children’s Hospital and placed under 24-hour surveillance. She is currently said to be OK and recuperating.

Allah has saved her, genuinely, said her grateful dad Mehmet Ercan, who was at work when the snake hit.

Their neighbours informed him that the snake was in his child’s hand, that she was playing with it, and that it bit her.

She then bit the snake back in response.

An eight-year-old child was taken to the hospital after an adder bite left his hand growing ‘five times its normal size.’

Jake Closier was on a day excursion to the beach when the deadly snake struck him.

He was at Hemsby beach in Norfolk with his dad Kenny, 33, and mom Sophie, 32, when the snake attacked him as he was playing in the sand dunes.

Sophie originally mistook the bite for a normal grass snake bite, but she sensed something was awry when Jake’s palm became ‘totally rigid.’

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