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High schooler takes off his helmet & grabs a guitar to sing national anthem.

Just ask anybody who saw Jackson Dean Nicholson’s performance as a senior defensive end at Arundel High School in Maryland a few years ago.

We’re not talking about his on-field performance here; instead, we’re discussing his rendition of the national anthem before the game. It not only impressed the locals, but it has also dazzled countless internet users over the years.

According to reports, Nicholson was forced to make a choice after realizing that no one else was available to sing the national anthem before his school’s game. Obviously, he could have had the school play a recording over the loud speakers, or he could have let the audience sing the song themselves.

Nicholson, on the other hand, seems to be cut from a different cloth. The high schooler stood alone in the center of the pitch before the game began, equipped only with an acoustic guitar and a microphone.

He quickly delivered one of the finest renditions of the American national anthem we’ve ever heard, so it’s no wonder that the video became a viral smash that has resurfaced again and again.

The video was initially shared in 2018, and the fact that it is still relevant and remarkable today demonstrates just how great Nicholson can sing.

It was fantastic. He likely knew 90% of those gathered in those stands, and they had no idea he was doing it until he pulled out his guitar, Nicholson said.

While he was dressed as a senior defensive end for his five minutes of fame, Nicholson’s main love in life is music. He’s been composing and performing songs since he was in high school, and he was working on his own record at the moment he went viral.

Given that Jack Nicholson is already a well-known actor, he carefully chose the stage name Jackson Dean.

Back in 2018, Jackson remarked of his football career: This is his last year, then he is done. He has until January; he’ll have completed all of his credits, and he just needs to be enrolled for this semester. His principal granted him a waiver, and she is extremely supportive of what he does.

Best wishes, Jackson!

We absolutely cannot get over Jackson’s performance, and we want as many people as possible to watch it.

Watch the incredible performance. If you think Jackson’s attempt was fantastic, please spread the word!

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