Highland Park July 4 massacre was America’s 309TH mass shooting of the year

With the recent massacre in Highland Park, Illinois, when at least six individuals were slain, the United States has had 309 mass shootings in 2022.

As per information from the non-profit Gun Violence Archive, there have been an average of 11 mass shootings every week.

A mass shooting, according to the organisation, occurs when four or more persons are shot or killed, not counting the gunman.

According to the same organisation, the number of individuals murdered by gun violence in 2022 has already surpassed the total for 2020, which was 19,411.

In a different case, two cops were shot while working at 2500 Spring Garden Street in Philadelphia following a fireworks show.

Figures for 2020 show a significant rise from 15,448 in 2019 and 12,418 in 2012.

According to previous statistics, almost 310,000 American students had been in a school classroom during a shooting since the Columbine High School tragedy in 1999.

The accused in the Fourth of July assault is a rapper and apparent fan of Donald Trump with a supposedly thriving music career.

Robert ‘Bobby’ Crimo III, 22, also known as Awake the Rapper, has over 16,000 monthly Spotify followers and a net value of $100,000.

Crimo’s online music videos last autumn included a depiction of himself killing people and a scary clip of himself spraying bullets on the floor of a classroom while wearing armour in what looks to be a comedy about school massacres.

Cops have stated that he was ‘known to law enforcement,’ however it is unclear whether this was related to the violent recordings that were published by YouTube until they were removed last night.

Along with the six deceased, a total of 26 people were wounded, 25 of them were shot. Six people are still being treated in hospitals.

The victims’ ages vary from eight to 85, with four or five of those shot thought to be minors.

According to the Chicago Police Department, gunshot occurrences surged by 66% from 2019 to 2021, while the city’s number of murders grew by 60% over the same time period.

Robbery had also increased by 21% in the year preceding December 2021, while criminal sexual violence had increased by 27% over the same period.

In addition, the frequency of offences varying from theft to serious violence is currently larger than it was in 2021.

On May 24, an 18-year-old Salvador Ramos began firing inside a fourth-grade classroom at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, murdering 19 elementary-aged pupils and two instructors and injured numerous more.

On May 14, this year, ten black individuals were slain in a racially motivated attack at a Buffalo store, according to officials.

On March 19, one individual was killed and 26 were wounded in another mass shooting in Dumas, Arkansas, at a car meet and rap battle attended by over 1,500 people.

However, at about 2 a.m. on April 3, a gang war in downtown Sacramento, California, resulted in six deaths and 12 injuries after more than 100 rounds were fired.

As per the Gun Violence Archive, 344 people have been murdered in mass shootings this year.

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