His neighbor painted her door PINK, and he despise it – they’re not in Disneyland, he says.

ANGRY neighbours have attacked their “distasteful” neighbour for painting her door PINK.

One person called the prominent frontage “very terrible,” adding, “It looks like Disneyland.”

Miranda Dickson’s bold door, according to Bill Giles, 86, is a “bloody terrible” color that “doesn’t blend in” with their Georgian buildings in Edinburgh.

He agreed with the council’s decision to have Miranda, an Absolut Vodka brand ambassador, paint over it.

Bill, who has been living on the street with his wife for the past 50 years stated that the pink door bothers him.

He believe it’s a hideous color, and that lady has no sense of style.

She uploaded photos of the entire house to the internet, and it’s a decorator’s nightmare.

Everything is at odds. And the front of the house resembles Disneyland.

The New Town is extremely valuable and must be conserved.

It’s gotten such a large response due to its horrifying color.

He don’t believe the council will back down, and Miranda will almost certainly have to repaint her front door.

Other neighbours, though, supported Miranda’s pink door.

Iain Percival expressed ‘I simply believe it’s something that individuals shouldn’t get too worked up about. I truly believe it would be pretty wonderful to have a wide range of coloured doors.’ 

It’s extremely useful. One can say, ‘Oh, I live two doors down from the pink door,’ or ‘I live right across the street from the pink door,’ it’s a helpful landmark.

Iain continued that so letterbox red is OK, but lilac pink is not? What’s the point of that?

If she were penalised, the neighbours’ response would be absolutely terrible and completely justified. One can see this division in folks at our yearly garden party.

The neighbour has recently purchased a number of nesting boxes for the common garden, and thinking about painting them all pink when they arrive. It’s not going to disturb the birds.

Joe Da Costa, 72, explained that his begs the question of what heritage is and what heritage protection entails.

He had wanted to paint his door, and he had considered something rather bright, however the question has always been whether it is in keeping with the preservation of the area’s tradition.

Should they live like Georgians or more contemporary – since they didn’t have that color of pink back then, but they do today… And he don’t mind.

This is a really profound societal issue; one individual told him that if one want to live like Georgians, pull out the plumbing, turn off the lights, and live like Georgians.

Miranda got a letter from officials last month asking her to paint over her bright pink door.

The Absolut Vodka brand ambassador, 48, was informed she needed to change the color of the door to a more “appropriate” tint.

Miranda approached the council for clarity on the colors she could pick from, but they replied they couldn’t help her.

She was perplexed after noticing dozens of brightly colored doors in the neighborhood surrounding her house.

The deadline, though, is said to have sprung from a complaint from an unidentified local citizen.

Miranda had just over a week to file an appeal in order to keep her pink door.

Miranda responded to her neighbor Bill’s complaint by saying, ‘Wow’ would be her first reaction.

She’d like to know who said that… everybody is allowed to their own ideas, of course.

Perhaps everyone deserves a little Disney enchantment in their lives, and after living in Los Angeles and spending a lot of time at Disneyland, she is thrilled that her simple front door could even be equated to a theme park that offers happiness to millions of individuals every year.

Regarding the inside of her home, she apologize if her home, which she share with her family, displeases anyone’s taste – however it is her home.

She is astonished somebody is so unneighbourly as to feel at ease publicly remarking on something as intimate as the décor of a neighbor’s family home.

The color of the door is not in line with the historic character and look of this listed building in the New Town, part of our World Heritage Site, stated a spokeswoman for The City of Edinburgh Council.

The owner consented to have the door repainted, but because this work has not been completed, they are commencing enforcement action to require them to repaint the door.

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