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Pregnant Black Mother Visits Doctor for Note to Begin Maternity Leave; Nurse Berates Her.

A video has gone viral showing a white nurse practitioner blaming a pregnant Black lady of fraud. The audience is enraged.

Jillian, an expectant woman from Norristown, Pennsylvania, went to the internet last month to recount her recent experience at the Philly Pregnancy Center, where a nurse openly insulted her in a waiting area.

Jillian was seven months pregnant and having discomfort and other difficulties at the time of the meeting.

She requested a letter from her doctor so she could start her maternity leave and relax before her due date. When she went to pick up the notice, she was insulted by a nurse who humiliated her in the clinic’s open waiting area.

What was she thinking when she became pregnant? the nurse asked the expecting mom in the waiting room. She won’t work? The nurse continued thats she had 3 kids. She worked till the moment they were born.

Jillian, 25, responded, she was thinking about having a child. She also has a three-year-old daughter.

The issue worsened when the nurse implied that Jillian was trying to commit fraud by demanding a doctor’s note.

It’s not fraud – if it were, the doctor wouldn’t be bringing her the letter presently, Jillian says in the video. How does the nurse know what she is going through? How can she understand how her body is feeling on the inside?

The nurse said that because she slipped her hand in there and examined her cervix.

Jillian inquired with the nurse at the clinic’s foyer that she examined her cervix, but how can she understand how her bones feel? But how could she understand how the mother feel in her body? What about her legs? What about her back? How does she understand what that’s like? How do she understand how she is feeling? How does she understand how bad her cramps are?

The video has provoked indignation among internet users. It has reignited debate about the maltreatment of Black women in medical settings.

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“This is how Black women endure such high rates of maternal death,” one Twitter commentator remarked.

“Why is this nurse questioning the doctor?” Furthermore, what is this nurse’s business if the patient refuses to work throughout her pregnancy?” the user wrote.

Several people have criticized the nurse’s choice to conduct this chat with Jillian in the clinic lobby. Other users echoed the nurse’s worry over the patient’s maternity leave.

“Also, why does she care so much if this woman takes time off work or not?” another Twitter user said. “That is strange in and of itself. As if she took it upon herself to defend her boss? It has to do with perceiving Black people as lazy.”

According to the US Commission on Civil Rights, Black women are more likely to suffer serious difficulties after leaving hospitals. Some of the factors for this include access to health care, underlying health conditions, and unconscious bias.

Jillian told that she gradually came to believe that the nurse’s actions was motivated by Jillian’s ethnicity and religious beliefs.

Jillian practices Islam.

She felt like it was all racist because of her ethnic heritage and perhaps also due to her religion upbringing — everything, Jillian stated. It absolutely seemed like prejudice to her.

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