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Home Intruder Runs Into Family’s Rescued Pit Bull, Police Can’t Believe Their Eyes

Leroy Rucker, a Pennsylvania homeowner was comforting at his house when he caught a knock at the gate. A weird man who supposedly planning to break-in the house and burst into even before Rucker could response the door.

53-year-old Robert Burke Jr., marched into Rucker’s house unwanted, where he shortly met the Rucker’s cherished pit bull, lovingly called Spuds. This rescue dog had been fondly accepted into Rucker’s home and he not let anybody hurt his family.

Rucker engaged with the stranger in an effort to control the situation.  It was when Spuds saw his adored owner square up with the burglar that he came into action.

The moment Burke saw that Spuds was prepared to roar, he promptly abandoned the fight and yielded.

When cops reached, they were surprised to find Burke peacefully succumbing.  Spuds had held the attacker so that Rucker could call the cops. Spuds then seized Burke at bay till cops reached and detained him.

Burke was charged with robbery, criminal intrusion, simple attack and nuisance and was released on bond later.

Spuds was by now popular with neighbourhood but now he’s a local superstar. The trash gatherers clarified that, while Spuds is very defensive of his home, he can tell the difference amid a welcoming guest and somebody with wicked intent.

Spuds merits all the admiration he has received for shielding his owner.

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