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Single Man Adopts Baby with Down Syndrome He Fell in Love with at 1st Sight

Ryan Sciberras, 32, a gay solo man functioned as a special needs teacher in Malta. He sought to be a dad and after a series of failed relations, he chose to face fatherhood on his own. He was also getting older and sought to be hands-on and an energetic father.  

Sciberras did his study and acquired awareness into life as a solo parent, ultimately decisive to take the next courageous step.

Sciberras was eager but worried about initiating the adoption path. He was concerned that the request would take some time to be accepted.

He required to full fill an extended list of measures, together with a psychological valuation, home check and proof of fiscal solidity. However, to his surprise, the entire adoption process turned out to be an easy one.

He didn’t go through any distress or interruption during the adoption journey and his request was principally accepted instantly and he was surprised and excited. 

Sciberras received life-changing news in September 2021.

A 15-month-old baby boy, named Kay, needed a home and the moment Sciberras saw a photo of Kay, he realised a connect instantly and decided that he will become his son.

It was indeed a perfect match and Sciberras was in love with Kay. He welcomed his son home in just next 5 days. The whole thing occurred fast and Sciberras was thankful to the foster family since they assisted him to settle with Kay.

In March 2022, the adoption was made indorsed. Sciberras said that having the lawful adoption confirmed has just completed his whole world.

Kay came to this world with Down Syndrome and Sciberras accepted it. As a special needs educator, he had caring skill and vowed to give his lad the finest life.

Sciberras has an inordinate support system, his grandparents loved Kay and poured him in love and warmth. He said that he is so lucky to be encircled by so many affectionate and generous persons.

Sciberras and his lad’s tale is so moving and the father’s love for his son is commendable. 

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