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‘HORRIFIC SCENE’: Dog attack leaves man dead, woman in critical condition.

According to the fire department of West San Antonio, Texas, a dog attack on Friday afternoon killed a man who was about 80 years old and seriously hurt a woman.

According to San Antonio Fire Captain Charles Hood, arriving firefighters spotted a guy being pulled by a dog. When they got off the vehicle, they could tell he was thoroughly bloodied.

The couple was walking on a sidewalk as the attack began.

He praised the firemen, saying they had to “fight off” two Staffordshire terriers with pickaxes and pipe poles to reach the victims in a horrendous sight.

Hood said that one fireman was bitten on the leg but is expected to recover, and another person was bitten on the hand.

Some of the rescuers are definitely emotionally traumatized as a result of the event, he says, because nobody expects to go out and battle dogs in a circumstance like they did today.

According to Shannon Wade Sims, director of Animal Care Services for the City of San Antonio, their agency has possession of the dogs and has begun investigating the owners. The dogs are being held in quarantine.

He also said that the dogs were imprisoned two years ago for a minor bite, and that there had been additional reports claiming maltreatment on the part of the owners.

A third unrestrained dog was also brought into animal care, but Sims said it’s unsure whether that dog was involved in the incident.

He said that the owners may face “potential” prosecution.

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