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Meghan Markle was “upset for days” after she & Harry were mocked in new ‘South Park’ episode.

We are all aware that Prince Harry and Meghan’s relationship with the Royal Family is strained. Although Harry has urged his family to repent for their actions and treatment of him and Meghan over the years, the royals have stayed in deafening silence.

Buckingham Palace has not issued a reaction to either the Netflix documentary series or Harry’s book Spare. No members of the royal family, including King Charles, Prince William, and Kate Middleton, have made public views on the matter. Only time will tell whether there is a response to Harry and Meghan’s assertions.

Although Harry and Meghan have regularly complained about the reception they received in the UK, their desire to become more private and live a calmer life has been a prominent topic that has been frequently addressed since their relocation to the US.

Others have stated that the Sussexes seem to be deliberately attempting to remain relevant by doing interviews, writing a book, participating in their own Netflix program, and generating podcasts. Yet, it’s not exactly the step back from the limelight some may have imagined.

Others have even gone so far as to publicly insult Harry and Meghan. The two are the target of many jokes in the last episode of the adult television series South Park.

Nevertheless, neither Harry nor Meghan seem to be laughing.

South Park has poked fun of almost every celebrity over the years, including Barbra Streisand, Tom Cruise, Rod Stewart, and Donald Trump. Now it’s Harry and Meghan’s time.

The South Park writers opened the show with a scenario from Queen Elizabeth II’s burial. Two figures based on Harry and Meghan walk by a candle that like the one discussed last autumn, ostensibly hiding Meghan from the cameras. The royals were accused of doing it on purpose, and the scene in South Park was certainly a gesture to the Duchess.

In the episode, Harry promotes a new book called WAAAAGH, a clear reference to his memoir Spare.

South Park is one of the most popular television series in history. The program, which airs on Comedy Central, initially aired in 1997.

Since then, there have been 26 seasons and over 320 episodes.

The sitcom revolves around the characters Stan, Kyle, Eric, and Kenny, who are characterized as four foul-mouthed South Park pals.

In his book Spare, Harry writes about his family, including his poor connection with his brother and father, as well as his dislike for the press.

Harry has also spoken out about William and Kate’s kids. For example, despite residing within walking distance of William and Kate’s house, he writes in his book that he was effectively barred from seeing George after he was born.

Harry said that he had fantasized of dropping by William and Kate’s house, hanging out with George, and throwing himself on the floor to wrestle with his nephew.

According to Harry, the truth was rather different.

Moreover, in an interview with The Telegraph shortly after the book’s publication, he mentioned the Prince and Princess of Wales’ children again, this time focusing on Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Harry revealed that he is concerned that his niece and nephew, Princess Charlotte and Prince Luis, may end up like him.

As previously said, neither William nor Kate have commented on the situation. Some royal experts have subsequently chastised Harry for being so open about George, Charlotte, and Louis, claiming that he may have harmed them more than anything else.

In the South Park episode, Harry and Meghan’s characters meet with a “brand manager,” who describes Meghan as a sorority girl, actor, influencer, and victim. Simultaneously, Harry is dubbed a royal prince, wealthy, global traveller victim.

It wasn’t long after Harry and Meghan arrived in America that they met with legendary TV broadcaster Oprah Winfrey. The ensuing interview made international news and rocked the monarchy to its core.

Of course, South Park offered their own take on a Harry and Meghan meeting, with the two cartoon characters appearing on Good Morning Canada.

As Meghan walks into the studio, she raises a sign that says, “Do not look at us,” and Harry adds, “We do not want privacy.”

Comedy Central

The presenter of the morning program then asks Harry whether he hates journalists. to which the Prince replied that

“That’s correct, they simply want to be regular people. All this attention is exhausting.

The scenario concludes with Harry and Meghan storming off the stage.

Harry and Meghan have agreed to stand down from their positions as senior royals in 2020. Many royal admirers were taken aback by the choice. Buckingham Palace declared in February 2021 that the pair will not return to royal responsibilities. Meanwhile, Harry handed up his honorary military titles.

The pair eventually moved to Montecito, California, in Santa Barbara, approximately a 90-minute drive from Los Angeles. The account of how they left the UK was also featured in the South Park episode, although in the show, Harry and Meghan rather went to the town of South Park.

But the other characters on the famous program were not pleased with their appearance. Kyle, one of the main protagonists, accused Meghan of “bossing” him about.

And, according to The Spectator, Meghan was dissatisfied with the representation.

According to a source, she’s irked by South Park but refuses to watch it. The Duchess was also claimed to have been unhappy for days and underwhelmed.

Meghan was allegedly preparing to sue her sister, Samantha Markle, for defamation after the Oprah Winfrey interview. In this situation, though, royal analyst Neil Sean believes the Sussexes may file a lawsuit against the adult comedy series on their own.

Nevertheless, per a spokesman speaking on behalf of Harry and Meghan, the rumors that they are furious about how they were represented are inaccurate.

Buckingham Palace and its members, as previously said, have remained silent on Harry and Meghan’s interviews, the documentary series, and Harry’s book. Additionally, they have given the pair the quiet treatment when they have been in public, refusing to answer any questions about them.

The couple’s representative chose to break the silence on their behalf. Prior to that, a PR expert indicated it was a dumb thing to do, and that any legal proceedings may have led to uncomfortable discoveries.

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