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Horse is named the world’s most beautiful, then experts look closer at its coat & realize the unimaginable.

Horses are amazing animals. They are wild, magnificent, and can outperform virtually anything in terms of beauty. The most gorgeous horse you’ve ever seen could be the one we’re going to present to you.

Experts have dubbed this horse, which is from Turkey, as the most beautiful horse in the world.

He is an Akhal-Teke, a breed that is a direct descendent of the long-extinct Turkoman horse. There are now only 3,500 of these horses in the planet. This horse, which you can see below, seems to have been dipped in gold.

The Akhal-Teke has a stunning coat that gleams in the sunshine. It is a thoroughbred with a height of 58 to 64 inches (147 to 163 cm). The horse is known as ‘the horse from heaven’ in China.

And this magnificent creature does seem to be wonderful.

According to specialists, the reason for its dazzling sheen is due to the structure of its fur, which is meant to operate as a light intensifier and reflect light rays.

The ‘Akhal-Teke’ is said to have been born with this golden fur in order to use it as camouflage in the desert.

The species is said to have originated in Achal, Turkmenistan, some 3,000 years ago, making it the world’s oldest breed and the first to be domesticated.

Watch this beautiful natural miracle in the video below.

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