Little Girl Calls Dad Asking for Some Food after Mom Abandoned Her for Weeks with Toddler Brother.

Raven Yates and her husband had their first child, a girl. Despite the fact that their marriage did not work out, Yates quickly went on with her life, getting married again and having another kid. While Yates was raising her kids, her daughter’s father had returned to California, where he worked as a music producer.

Yates stated that following her divorce, one of her exes began stalking her. She posted on Facebook that her ex-husband had been following her and that he had previously been an absent parent for more than 10 years.

While Yates’ daughter’s father was living and working in California, believing his daughter was safe with her mother, Yates upped and left. Her 12-year-old daughter was with her alone, caring for her 3-year-old half-brother. While her mother was away, the girl was left in charge of caring for her baby brother, and she did her best. They ultimately ran out of food, though.

Even though she was apprehensive, the girl was obliged to call her father. Before her mother abandoned them, Yates threatened to separate the siblings if they called the authorities. Yates persuaded her daughter that her dad would take her away from her brother because she had a different father, so she first hesitated to seek assistance.

The girl tried her hardest to care for her younger brother but was finally unable to do so. The officers were surprised by how they managed to survive as their living conditions deteriorated. The Roman Forest Police Chief said that leaving the two children alone was exceedingly risky.

After seven weeks of being separated from her mother, the young girl decided to call her father and beg for food. She called him but told him a lie in order to keep her and her brother together. Instead of revealing that their mother had abandoned them forever, she told her father that Yates was only working.

In answer, the dad from California offered to bring some food. But something didn’t seem quite right to the astute father, and his unease was later validated when he received a concerning phone call. When the father called Yates’ mother, he discovered that his ex-wife had abandoned her children and returned to her hometown of Mobile, Alabama.

Police Chief Stephen Carlisle said that the man’s ex-mother-in-law had phoned him to inquire as to why Yates had returned home, but her children were nowhere to be seen. When the already agitated father received word from his ex-mother-in-law, he hopped on the first jet and flew to Roman Forest to check on his child. The father also called the police and informed them of what had occurred.

When the father arrived in Roman Forest, the police were swift to respond. The condition of the residence astounded the detectives. According to the Police Chief, the officers examined the bedrooms and observed heavy urine odour coming from the 3-year-old’s bed.

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Posted by Raven Yates on Monday, 31 October 2022

The youngsters had been left alone from September 28 to November 14, 2022, with limited food and supplies. The Police Chief said that abandoning the two children was very reckless, and that forcing them to live for over two months on their own was extremely neglectful.

According to police investigations, Yates was also posting on social media during the encounter. The police used her postings to piece together her location and finally filed an arrest order for her on December 8.

Yates was caught in South Alabama when police discovered her children. The mother-of-two had been residing in an apartment building in Mobile with an unidentified man, according to a statement from the Roman Forest Police Department. They tracked her down thanks to an anonymous tip.

Yates was charged with two counts of abandoning and harming a child with the intent to return, despite the fact that the kids were taken in by a close family.

Yates was able to explain her position to a reporter who reached out to her over Instagram. She said she ran away from home since an ex was “trying to kill her.” She also claimed that she had hired a babysitter before leaving to care for her children while she was gone. The woman presumably abandoned her kids to care for her ailing father, who was on life support.

Yates also said she gave her daughter “thousands of dollars to do and buy whatever.” Although the presence of the money has not been confirmed, the Roman Forest Police Chief stated that no food was left in the house when the children were discovered. He elaborated that there was nothing to eat in the house. Everything was bare. There were some dried beans and spices. That’s all there is to it.

Yates was pictured smirking in the back of the police car after authorities detained the mother. She was discovered two months after abandoning her two children to care for themselves, and she utilized the news to gain further momentum on social media.

According to reports, Yates also had a 14-year-old child, whom the mother had reported as a runaway earlier in the month before she departed for Mobile. According to reports, all three of Yates’ children have been found and are safe with a relative.

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