Hotel Staff Notices A Cop Dropping The Helpless Mother And Her 2 Children Outside Their Door.

I work at a large hotel chain, and just had the damnedest thing happen. I was sitting in the lobby, doing paperwork, when I saw a cop car pull up, a woman and her two small children got out, got a couple suitcases out of the back of the cop car, with the cop shining his little light at them, and then stood there for a moment as the cop just got in his car and left.

When she came inside, I got the full story. She had been the victim of domestic abuse. Her boyfriend had started beating her, in front of her children, and she had only just managed to call the cops and get the hell out of there. She had just moved up from Florida to be with this guy, she had no family in the area.

And the cops just dropped her off at the door and pulled away.

Her boyfriend had taken her credit card. She had $44 to her name. Her cell phone was dead, and they hadn’t allowed her time to get a charger from her house.

They didn’t even bother walking her in….

We are a large, busy hotel. We had a whole 2 rooms available at that point. Our rate for the night was $179 +tax…. for all they knew, we had no rooms. She had no car, no money, no phone….

And they just kind of dropped her off, like someone bringing an end table to the salvation army store, and then pulled away.

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee…. I told her to tell me that the air conditioning unit in the room was too loud. Once that had happened, well, she wasn’t 100% satisfied… looks like she gets the room for free. I’m, sure my manager will love that, but whatever.

Fortunately we’re a hotel, so if there is one thing we have in spades, it’s abandoned cell phone chargers. So I got her one of those too.

I can’t believe they just dropped her off and left, without a second thought. What the hell is wrong with them? What if we hadn’t had the rooms? What if I hadn’t been able to get her the room for free?

I feel blessed I was there for her.

Source: Reddit

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