Kind Hearted Hotel Maid Asks Guest If He Needed Her Company On Her Upcoming Break Time.

Today I experienced one of the greatest acts of kindness from a complete stranger. The past 2 months have been quite difficult for me. I lost two dream job opportunities, almost lost one of my siblings, and have half lost the love of my life. I’ve managed to get over the first 2 items, but every day I can’t help but to feel sad that someone that I love so much is so easily able to not love me as much in return. More so, I can’t help lift the feeling that I clearly didn’t mean that much to him. 

Today was a tough day and I cried in my hotel for nearly half an hour before I heard a knock on the door. Before I could ask her to come back, she spoke through the door asking if I was okay. When I opened, she said she could hear me from the other room and asked if I needed anything before offering to keep me company on her upcoming break. She left for 15 minutes, only to actually return

I cannot stress how much this act of kindness positively impacted my day. Her English was quite broken, which oddly enough made me feel better. My mother herself only speaks Spanish with a bit of broken English intermixed, and I’ve yet to tell her I’m gay. Talking today with a stranger felt like I was able to have the conversations I’m not able to have with my own mother and it brought a lot of happiness out of me. We talked for nearly her entire break, and even shared some food. None of which she needed to do, but chose to do out of the kindness of her heart

I wholeheartedly hope that anyone reading this gains the encouragement needed to aide those in need, even if you don’t know them. You have so much potential to change someone’s day. Don’t let it go to waste.

Source: Reddit

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